Reader Opinion: The beginning or the end?


As I write this today, it's 150 days until Christmas and I am starting to wonder what Christmas this year will be like. Will we still be in the grip of this pandemic? Will all of us still be here? Will we have a new leader in the White House and will they still be marching in the streets or will some sense of normalcy return to our country? Will we be in a depression or recession? All questions that will affect us greatly. Will 2020 be the summer that turned things around for this country or will it be the start of the end?

We have been a very resilient nation over the years. But the summer of 2020 has seemed to be a perfect storm. Oh, we have had our low points before but always there was some cohesiveness, some coming together that brought us out of the trouble we were in. If what we are doing right now proves to be that preverbal straw it will be because we didn’t care enough to want to fix the problems. We only cared about winners and losers.

Yes, we need to fix the country. But first we need to fix ourselves, because we are going nowhere fast. Keep this note and look at it again at Christmas and let’s see if I was a fear monger or a truth teller. I hope that I am as full of crap as a Christmas goose. Time will tell.

Mike Holst


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