Reader Opinion: The dime bomb


I sincerely hope everyone is aware that our government pays only the interest ($479 billion in 2020) on the national debt and doesn't put one dime towards the balance. It's like a maxed out platinum credit card that's still usable as long as the interest is being paid. Politicians continue to draft more government funded programs and waste more tax dollars because ignoring the national debt is the convenient thing to do while campaigning. Simply put, they're trying to buy your vote, a quid pro quo if you will. The debt is projected to hit $34 trillion by 2029 and much like global warming a tipping point is coming.

Trump uses the treasury like his personal checking account because rich people are unconcerned about running out of cash. Weekend golf trips to Mar-a-Lago plus security are costing the taxpayer a bundle! Not one Democratic candidate has offered up any plan to defuse this ticking “dime bomb” nor been asked about it during the debates. They don't acknowledge national debt but will gladly add to it with the help of your vote. They ignore fiscal warnings from the CBO and GAO and continue to spend money that's just not there. We're broke and they don't want you to know that during an election year.

This problem will not self correct. We need to stop whining for more government funded programs and start holding our elected officials accountable for their spending stupidity. Pay back is going to be painful, it's going to take decades and it's going to make a lot of people very angry — $62,000 for every man woman and child living in America or $22 trillion if you would like to put a little something in the collection plate.

Louie Hoffmann


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