Reader Opinion: The power of truth


There is hope for the Republic, to which we pledge our allegiance.

It is found in the profound faith and conviction of Republican Sen. Mitt Romney, who stood by Washington and Franklin in passionately declaring freedom from tyranny, from the frightening nature of the abuse of a president’s power of office and from that president’s equation of self with our Republic to perpetuate his power.

It is found in the exemplary courage of Democratic Sen. Doug Jones, who put country and constitutional principle before self in deeply red Alabama, doing precisely the opposite of the pandering un-presidential self-centeredness of this president, and thus joining Thomas Paine and John Hancock in declaring freedom from tyranny.

It is found in the evidence presented to the Senate through the historically accurate, legally correct, eloquence and commitment of Democratic Rep. Adam Schiff and other House leaders in the face of alarming Trumpian assertions of unmitigated presidential power so long as a president, alone, believes that his re-election is in America’s best interests, House Democrats thus joining Jefferson and Adams, political opposites, but brothers in commitment to survival of the Republic, in declaring freedom from tyranny.

It is found in the actions of Senate Democrats insisting on trial by the fundamental American principle of witnesses testifying before the Senate jury, and in opposing Republican Senatorial collaboration with a defendant president in selection of presidential counsel, in creation of trial rules and in the oppressive suppression of critical trial witness testimony, all in declaring freedom from tyranny.


The spirit of 1776 lives in people of conscience, the confidence of those committed to liberty prevailing over royal presidencies, the commitment of a free press prepared to call out serial executive deceptions and perversions, and in the fundamental faith of the American people in the power of truth.


John Erickson

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