Reader Opinion: The threats from within


I knew an acquaintance once, who liked to lie a lot. You could always tell when he was spinning yarns because he seemed to be searching for his story as he spewed it out. Also, his stories changed daily because when you lie, you don’t always remember the story you told before, because you have no facts to refer back to. He just made it up as he went along. It was never anything malicious, so for the most part, those of us who knew him shrugged it off. It wasn’t worth the breath to argue with him. As time went on this person had fewer and fewer friends because most of us looked for honesty and credibility in our friends.

I think often about the lying and cheating that goes on in our government and the people who follow those who do it no matter what they say and do. They discount the entire scientific community, in favor of unsubstantiated claims from these politicians. The scientific community has nothing to gain by not putting the truth out there. They’re not running for any elected position. They don’t get paid extra for bad news versus good news. They are paid for the unvarnished truth. Once they’ve been proven to be liars, they know they will have no credibility. They live under a whole different set of rules and ethics then those in government.

Our society is very vulnerable right now. Troubles abound and we are asking the same people that got us into this mess to get us out of it. We have constantly worried about foreign adversaries ruining our country. It’s time we worry about the threat from within.

Mike Holst


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