Reader Opinion: The truth

One does not build by destroying; one would think more have learned this is the last year.

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It is incredible that there are those who think they can help kids in the Brainerd school system by demonizing teachers and public schools. What you breed by doing this is fear and aggression in our schools. You join the Tucker Carlsons of the world with your ignorance and hate! One does not build by destroying; one would think more have learned this is the last year. The truth is our history and our America was born in violence. Those claiming a religious high ground destroyed Natives and tried to rob them of their heritage and lives. Fact is unless we acknowledge truths we cannot move forward! No one religion can run America. That is not democracy, it brings destruction. Just as it has in countries throughout the world. Have your churches, enjoy your place of worship, stop trying to destroy that which is different from what you think it should be. I look at all whom I love and all the many peoples that have crossed my path and I see beautiful diversity. I worked in human services most of my life. I heard a saying long ago when I was struggling with alcoholism and other events in my life and it was, “God does not make trash!” This is a truth. So when you use religion to demand people be the way you think they should be, such as not gay, lesbian or transgender, look in your mirror, look at what those who claimed Christianity and tried to destroy the first peoples, then look at Germany and Hitler and ask yourself, do you really want to condemn and destroy God’s people because they look different or live different from you?

Deb Halsted


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