Reader Opinion: Time flies

I find science where I am at.

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Recent news offered a picture of a black hole which scientists have discovered in the midst of our Milky Way galaxy.

It was then reported that it was less an actual photo but a rendition of averages of what radio telescopes reckoned it might look like. And that it had validated Einstein’s Theory of Relativity, which I do not understand.

And that the Black Hole could perhaps alter time.

I know that time seems to go slower when I am waiting in a line. And that it seems to go faster when I am on tranquil waters. That is my own Theory of Relativity.

And I appreciate that the Earth is only a speck in the Milky Way galaxy, especially well explained in the Dr. Seuss classic, “Horton Hears a Who.” I find science where I am at.


Less scientific but perhaps more useful is that some folks know anecdotally that deer flies are attracted to the color blue.

Though most outdoor-oriented individuals know that the piercing pain of the incisions made by the female deer fly is often followed by continued upper body and head attacks, creating near misery.

My own personal unpleasant experience caused notice when doing watering chores in the gardens, seeing the deer flies congregating at the blue water barrels. And that they lingered slightly longer there, allowing a successful venting of frustrations with a fly swatter.

Even attacking flies would cease hostilities to get to the blue.

Optimizing the discovery led to placing inexpensive blue-colored buckets on light-gauge posts and covering it with a gardener’s adhesive. The results were immediate and rewarding when a pursuing deer fly would be mesmerized by the blue and be stuck for life. No butterflies were injured in the making of this production.

Philip L. M. Vaughan

Lake Edward Township

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