Reader Opinion: ‘Tis Christmas


‘Tis Christmas again -- a time for reconnecting, for gifts, for acceptance and forgiveness. It is the returning of the light -- solstice, a part of the natural cycle of the planet; translated into Christian terms as the birth of new possibilities, a new narrative for humans to function in more humane ways. It is presented as a newborn babe, unnoticed by much of society, but potent as a symbol, offering possibilities, but needing protection and nurturing.

These gifts, whether they are seen as natural or religious, represent the deep human yearnings to become fully formed human beings. It is about being guided by the light, to develop and grow to our natural potential.

The stories we all grew up with -- our modern mythology -- are about individuals rising with the courage to confront abuse and exploitation in order to form societies in which people decide their own futures, creating a sustainable world for all.

We have other stories about the pain and trauma of trying to survive in societies that do not value individual human lives, stories in which people are expected to serve other masters whether they be dictators, or some set of elites, or to serve non-human masters such as economics or technology. Those stories are also about the need for nations with hearts and souls in which ordinary people determine the direction of their futures.

‘Tis the season, which offers us the opportunity to rethink and restart our lives as human beings. It is a time to choose a new human narrative and have the courage and determination to stick with it in the face of opposition from whatever quarter. It is an opportunity to listen to our better angels, but also to commit to following their light throughout the year.


Will we finally heed the call for human transformation? Hope springs eternal.

Bob Passi


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