Reader Opinion: Tomassoni will be missed

Tomassoni's passion, integrity, work ethic, daily positive attitude, perseverance and much more are great examples for us.

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Recently, those of us in Minnesota lost a true statesman and champion of all people know matter who you are or where you lived. His life and legacy should not be overlooked but rather served as an example for all of us. My last visit with Senator Tomassoni was in 2021 in Rochester at Mayo where we each were receiving some testing and evaluations for our health issues. His recently diagnosed ALS disease was already affecting him. However, that disease never stopped him from being a real champion for his constituency and the people of Minnesota. As a matter of fact, I was told that Senator Tomassoni was still working right up until his death. Even though ALS took so many of his physical body functions away and he could only communicate using his eyes and mechanical devices along with tapping one of his feet in his wheelchair, he continued to communicate with his constituents, the media, friends and anyone who visited with him. He recently became more of an Independent legislator by bucking the system in order to better serve everyone. This took a lot of courage. You see, he had a real servanthood heart and knew the right thing to do. His passion, integrity, work ethic, daily positive attitude, perseverance and much more are great examples for us. When campaigning, he practiced decency, respect, honesty, truthfulness, ethics. When legislating, he listened to all, did his homework/research, had an open door policy for everyone and was a great example of what leadership truly should be.

With the upcoming elections, let us all be like Senator Tomassoni and do our due diligence to elect people like him. Then maybe, just maybe, we will save our republic and democracy. “Well done my faithful servant,” Now RIP my friend.

John Ward


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