Reader Opinion: Trump and Hitler, part 2

A recent letter writer implied that people shouldn't compare Trump to Hitler because Hitler was a socialist, and Trump is not. How noble!

However, the letter writer failed to compare the similarities between the two. Both of them:

- Expressed support that deporting a certain race of people was the solution.

- Had absolutely no government leadership or civics experience.

- Promised to do things that were impossible to achieve.


- Drew large crowds foaming at the mouth to hear his racist rants.

- Wanted to change the country's constitution to suit his warped agenda.

- Ranted how great he is, and that people were lucky to have him.

- Strong-armed and threatened any media sources critical of him.

- Used his cult of personality and celebrity to gain followers.

- Promised to make his country great again.

- Wanted absolute power as a dictator.

- Expressed a complete disregard for the rule of law.


Now, there should be no doubt in anyone's mind that Trump is following the path of Hitler.

Brian Marsh


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