Reader Opinion: Trump’s accomplishments


During my life 14 different men that have served as POTUS. I was in the U.S. Navy from Jan. 31, 1963 to April 4, 1970 while Kennedy (D), Johnson (D) and Nixon (R) served as POTUS Each as commander In chief was respected as such and, under each, I served to uphold our Constitution.

Each did things I disapproved of and still, I respected the office. The remaining 11 did things I disapproved of also, but, as POTUS, were respected as such. The respect for office or man seems no longer to be essential in our country.

Trump is also imperfect and does things I disapprove of. This disapproval is nothing compared to the apparent hatred that exists toward him by others. Prior to his inauguration the cry arose, “impeach him!” The only reason was he had defeated Democrat Hillary Clinton (and it’s the Democrat Party, not democratic party). The cries became louder with many reasons being presented.

Democrats state impeachment charges, find them useless and immediately find other charges and so forth? They finally came up with charges not backed by direct proof, but by hearsay, to finalize impeachment. As a political junkie and a retired 78 year old I’m able to watch/listen to events and speeches and watch/listen to the resulting news. Therefore, I often agree with President Trump as he calls out “fake news!”

I wish the nay-sayers would take into consideration Trump’s promises and accomplishments. Also that they pay attention to multiple news outlets to see both sides and finally after watching both sides possibly use their intelligence come to their own opinion rather than to mimic others. If you have interest and want to learn what Trump has accomplished; go to and read and follow all the links.


George Selvestra

Pequot Lakes

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