Reader Opinion: Ugly mindsets destroy

One should never give in to zealots who seek to destroy democracy.

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My base beliefs came from my grandfather, who was a legislator in Brainerd for 22 years. On his gravestone states, “A Public Service is a Public Trust.” During the Depression my grandparents owned a Halsted Grocery on Washington Street. They helped feed many during the Depression on credit or free if they could not pay. That is my base. I grew up listening. From a little girl, I was a sponge, that is how kids learn. When we get older we need to question what we have learned to grow, especially if it is damaging. In 1970 I lived in Florida , a small town girl. I saw doors to bathrooms, painted over with white wash, one could still see white women and black women on separate doors. I was appalled and knew it was wrong. How did I know that? Because as a child I was taught this. When our belief systems are damaging others, as adults it is our responsibility to change this. We have some very ugly mindsets in Congress right now who choose to destroy. This is not the first time. Our history is very ugly. Our responsibility, if we care, is to read voting records. It is eye opening to read Pete Stauber's voting record. One should never give in to zealots who seek to destroy democracy, like McCarthy did for power. The minds searching for power only will destroy all they touch! Transparency is needed. No more justice is only for those with wealth, who can buy power and escape consequences. Fox News owner Rupert Murdock is being sued for over a billion dollars for the lies he helped perpetuate on our election on Fox News. I say Bravo, hoping more fall and they will. Get dark money out of politics. It Destroys!

Deb Halsted


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