Reader Opinion: Under assault


Trump is a clear, and present, danger to our 2020 elections.

Social media trolls of the Russian Internet Research Agency celebrated with champagne and the exclamation “We made American great,” and the Russian parliament spontaneously broke into loud applause, upon learning of Trump’s 2016 victory. Prior to the Mueller Report, the Republican led Senate Intelligence Committee concluded that the Russian agency “sought to influence the presidential election by harming” Clinton and by “supporting” Trump.

This followed Trump’s invitation to Russia to interfere and preceded Trump’s Helsinki rejection of American intelligence consensus that Russia had interfered, confirmed by the Mueller Report’s similar strong conclusions. In the Helsinki trashing of American intelligence, Trump noxiously accepted Putin’s smug “word of innocence.”

To Putin’s ongoing delight, Trump has repeatedly verbally attacked America’s international friends, made impetuous military decisions clearly useful to Russia, threatened trade assaults on American allies like France, whose soldiers died with Americans at Normandy, and forced his way to the front row of world leaders with his “out-of-my-way-better-to-see-me-in-the-photograph” Trumpian shoves.

America has been roller-coastered with Trump-as-troll captaining our ship of state. Modern “trolls” like Trump are repetitive disrupters who intentionally destabilize personal and world relationships, fracture civil relations and, also with Trump, vandalize America by inflammatory behaviors and despicable language.


America now anticipates another Trumpian/1984 Orwellian desecration of truth in an impending Trump/Giuliani after the fact “report” assisted by Putin talking points to justify Trump’s use of American tax dollars furthering his private, foreign influenced Trump election interests.

This presidency, held together by 12,000-plus lies, is properly under attack by Congress for assaults on the Constitution in an attempt to normalize international interference in American elections rejected in 1787 and for his personal use of public tax dollars and office for personal electoral gain.

Truth matters. Reject Trump.

John Erickson


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