Reader Opinion: Unfit for office


In addition to the fraudulent presidency created by Trump’s 20,000 false or misleading claims made while in the White House, habitual lying dominating the unreality within which he governs and with which he promotes himself to the electorate to retain “world’s most powerful person” status, Trump’s mental state presents another significant competency risk to America’s very survival from his hands off, and even on, our ship of state’s helm.

Despite proclaiming himself to be a “very stable genius,” and hoping it’s true that he has been appointed by God, royal divinity having been rejected by the American Revolution 244 years ago and in 1945 when America and its allies, in ending World War II, required Japan’s emperor to renounce divinity, Trump is neither genius nor divinely anointed:

An American president who doesn’t know that Yosemite is not called “Yo-Semite,” a double slur on a national icon and on a great segment of Americans, and who must ask if Finland is part of Russia before meeting the Russian president in Finland, is unfit for office.

An American president who doesn’t know that, in the middle of a global pandemic killing 170,000 Americans to date, on his watch, the Spanish Flu of “1917” did not happen in 1917, thus ending “WWII,” but instead struck in 1918, and that WWII did not start for America until, you remember Mr. President, December 7, 1941, “a day which will live in infamy,” if not in your mind, is unfit for office.

An American president who is unconscious of a major country in Southeast Asia, such that he insultingly calls Thailand “Thighland,” is unfit for office.


This truth and reality hobbled, intellectually crippled, authoritarian presidential candidate is unfit for office, especially when, if elected, he would have no electorate to answer to in 2024.

John Erickson


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