Reader Opinion: Use good judgment

There still has been no credible evidence of voter fraud in Crow Wing County but just vague allegations.

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This is my response to the Jan. 23 Reader Opinion letter, “Responding only with Anger” that criticized my Jan. 5 Reader Opinion letter “Disappointed in Crow Wing County Board.” First, I do not understand the connection regarding George Floyd riots (I also am very opposed to any violent mob actions), and my concern and disappointment was with our county board undertaking a resolution based upon no factual information but instead succumbing to a mob request. This resolution also unfairly discredits our election personnel including Deborah Erickson, administrative services director.

I sincerely request the writer provide the “information we found” regarding voter fraud in our county. As our Minnesota Secretary of State has noted, there is no evidence of fraud. A Jan. 16 Star Tribune letter to the editor by Larry Day noted our Crow Wing County 2020 election results were very similar to the 2016 results with Trump receiving 62.2% of the votes in 2016 and 63.9% in 2020, while Republican Representative candidate Mills received 58.9% in 2016 and Republican Representative Stauber 62.3% in 2020. Since Republicans received more votes in 2020, is the voter fraud against the Democrats?

Thus, there still has been no credible evidence of voter fraud in Crow Wing County but just vague allegations by the misinformed followers of a former narcissistic president (this raises a concern of an attempt to establish an autocracy?). I hope our county board will never again succumb to any mob request, but instead use good judgment and wisdom as our founding fathers expected of elected officials.

Paul Springstead


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