Reader Opinion: Use your heads


Ever since the 2016 election the Democrats in the House has had only one goal in mind. That’s to get rid of President Trump, not to do what the voters elected them to do. Because Hillary lost the election they have a vendetta. I could never imagine four years of Hillary and Bill in the people’s house. Impeachment? If a president ever deserved to be impeached it would have been Clinton. He dishonored the office, the people’s house, the nation and his family. He is just plain out a liar! The House Democrats have called the president terrible names. I think they need a giant mirror to look into. In my lifetime I’ve seen a lot of dissension in politics but never the downright hatred this House has demonstrated for President Trump. While they do nothing of what they were elected to do, the president continues to do what he was elected to do. Even though he has to deal with the House of Democrats. Only two voted against impeachment inquiry. We have two Democrats, the rest are those that in favor of the socialist system. Nothing in life is free. Every time you buy anything you are paying up front for what you think is free. Open your eyes. The first time I heard about Ukraine was months ago and it was about a claim Joe Biden was withholding aid until a certain prosecutor was fired for prosecuting a company tied to his son, Hunter. It shouldn’t come as a surprise that said prosecutor was fired.

Lastly, Bernie and many others serving in government are millionaires, because of capitalism! Use your brain, think!

Ramona Pedersen


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