Reader Opinion: Vote Austad, Halverson


I recently retired after 13 years as an Assistant Cass County Attorney and 37 years of legal experience. I personally observed the habits of judicial challengers -- County Attorney Ben Lindstrom and James Hughes, executive director of the Regional Native Public Defense Corporation. I also regularly appeared in front of judges Austad and Halverson.

The challengers suggest that the appointment of judges by “St. Paul” does not represent “local values.” Minnesota’s Constitution, however, requires the governor to appoint successors to fill judicial vacancies. The governor may only appoint an attorney who resides within the district. Candidates are vetted by the Minnesota Judicial Selection Committee. This objective process has replaced the “good old boys” network and ensures that only qualified local candidates are put forward for appointment.

I encourage you to vote for Judge Jana Austad and Judge Charles Halverson -- judges who follow the law rather than advancing a personal agenda.

Barbara Harrington


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