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Reader Opinion: Vote them out

Undeniably, ongoing bias and censorship aided and abetted serial defamation and national hoaxes, manifesting today's political abomination.

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Regarding the Bill of Rights being added as a means of restricting the government to ratify America’s Constitution, Anti-Federalists wrote, “It stands therefore on its own bottom… And hence was of the highest importance, that the most precise and express declarations and reservations of rights should have been made.”

Officials thereafter being bound by oath or affirmation throughout our federalist system was deliberate “to ensure accedence to America’s Constitution as the Supreme Law of the Land.” The redundancy is by design. Solemn obligations propagating constitutional principles and protections from the highest to lowest levels of government across America, promoting safety and survivability for the benefit of the American people and republic.

Civic preparedness is hardly new. Any wonder hundreds of jurisdictions nationwide have passed Second Amendment resolutions or declarations. Yet some officials dismiss calls to affirm constituents’ rights, like Fergus Falls officials recently claiming such affirmations provided no additional protections. Searching county meeting minutes throughout Minnesota, revealed at least one commissioner more concerned about jeopardizing state funding by protecting unalienable rights. Tit-for-tat statements of one Minnesota Democrat leader claiming to have voted in favor of funding for a northern Minnesota county, later criticized them for not voting as he expected. Is it bad judgment or extortion?

Undeniably, ongoing bias and censorship aided and abetted serial defamation and national hoaxes, manifesting today's political abomination — a president, his administration and a cabal of Democrat-media and vaccine-industrial complexes promoting fear to the point of “mass formation psychosis,” making government abuse to the injury of American citizens self-evident. Among them, radical progressives feigning moral superiority as ultimate determinants of rule of law, K-12 curricula, science, truth, and even a child’s gender, treating parents of America’s progeny like domestic terrorists.

Vote them out while you can.


Warner Gouin

Inver Grove Heights

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