Reader Opinion: Walz is a leader


I see that several of Minnesota's news sources have recently reported “pushback” from Senator Gazelka and other leaders of the Republican Party concerning the coronavirus decisions of Governor Walz. I did not see any scientific facts attributed to Senator Gazelka's comments, but one news source attributed the term "unilateral" to Governor Walz's action.

As a military officer with 23 years of experience planning training and combat operations for a 3,000 person unit I feel qualified to comment on the governor's leadership style. I have been extremely impressed with the leadership that Governor Walz has shown in the face of this crisis situation. His calm, cool, competent and reassuring manner are exactly what the citizens of Minnesota need at this time.

As the "crisis commander" he has assembled his staff, asked for their recommendations on courses of action, based on the data they had available at the time and made decisions on what courses actions are needed to provide the greatest benefit for all citizens of Minnesota. In the absence of the amount of testing data desired, it seems to me that erring on the side of caution makes the most sense.

In a crisis situation there is not time for endless debate. The staff makes their recommendation and defends that recommendation based on the data at the time the recommendation is made. Once the "commander" makes a decision it must be supported and implemented by all players. The role of a leader is a lonely one and time will be the judge.

Apparently a comment was attributed to Senator Gazelka, "we have to get on with our lives." I would submit that the decisions made by Governor Walz and their implementation offer the greatest chance we will have a life to get on with.


Lou Anderson


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