Reader Opinion: Water and the planet


My wife, Beth, and I attended a meeting about the Mississippi watershed last week. It focused on the significance -- ecologically, spiritually and economically -- of a healthy Mississippi River. There were speakers from several environmental groups, city, county and state government in addition to some individuals from the community. There was also a group exercise about what the river means and what we can do.

This was a significant and important event showing the support of individuals and organizations for finding solutions to the problems of keeping the Mississippi healthy within the confines of our present system.

This, of course, is just one part, important but small, within the context of the global conundrum of the new realities we face with serious climate change and its consequences for human life.

It is not hard to broaden our view to see what the real issues are. We heard about the need for funding throughout the presentation. We heard of the efforts of many good and noble citizens. But we are dealing with the symptoms of a system, not just nationally but also internationally, that makes it impossible to properly deal with these issues and many other significant issues. That system is an of out-of-control economic system serving a powerful elite who have successfully confiscated the wealth produced by the citizens of the world and withhold those resources from any attempts at the necessary solutions in their pursuits of more wealth and control.

It is a system that must be replaced with a return to democracy so that all those good and noble people of the world can save the planet and the human soul. To accomplish that end it will be necessary to begin the process of integrating all those diverse groups into a unified citizens’ movement with overwhelming support and power.


Bob Passi


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