Reader Opinion: We can get up


Many are familiar with the TV ad using the phrase, “I’ve fallen and I can’t get up.” This is a scary situation for the injured, incapable and most vulnerable.

When we look at the many situations in our country, there can be some lament, from all sides and spheres, that we have fallen from an earlier perch. Likely so.

This new grounding may be an ample opportunity for us to do some discovery about ourselves and surrounding environs.

From our lower level, we can hope that the falling part may be pretty much over. We can assess our aches and pains, bruises, scratches, lacerations and breaks. Some might fear that we may yet be on just another sagging limb.

Whatever aid is needed should be summoned; both from outside and from within. Going forward we may need to find a better spot to do what needs to be done to better survive and thrive. It will be important to truthfully ascertain the reasons for the upsets and downturns; and record them, lest we soon forget.


The benefit of a difficulty is the route to resolve and recovery.

As a relative oldster, there appears to be both hope and confidence by the relative youngsters. Perhaps that is similar to our own enthusiasm at that point in our lives and for young people throughout history.

We have left them a plate of problems on a table of trouble.

The many unsolved issues and threats are all knots which will need to be untied or cut through.

We may need to look toward the coming generations to develop a new icon for justice that eclipses the all-too-outdated one that hobbles us -- blinded with a faulty balance.

Philip Vaughan

Lake Edward Township

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