Reader Opinion: We can't be complacent


This letter is not intended as a partisan jab at anyone, but Sen. Gazelka, you’re wrong.

As an independent minded person who has voted both red and blue in the past I will channel surf between CNN and Fox news. The one constant between the networks has been Dr. Tony Fauci, the infectious disease specialist, and his position that the virus will determine the timeline.

Both networks have agreed that getting the economy restarted is important. Both have also agreed that restarting too soon at the risk of inflaming this insidious disease would be reckless.

Dr. Fauci has been clear that social distancing is working and other tools to help fight this

disease will be coming eventually, but are not yet here.


This is not the time to become complacent and let down our guard. If we allow COVID-19 to spread unabated again the state of the economy will not be the issue. The issue will be the space needed to bury the bodies.

Governor Walz is using the best information at his disposal, including the Mayo Clinic, to help base his decisions for all Minnesotans. HIs line of logic sounds very much like Dr Fauci’s. In this situation, I would prefer listening to Dr Fauci, the Mayo Clinic, and Fox news anchors that agree with the science of the situation rather than you.

Fortunately, Minnesota has not been hit as hard as some other states. It is also good news that Crow Wing County’s numbers of infected individuals is still only in the teens. I remember reading not that long ago in the Dispatch that some thought Crow Wing County and rural Minnesota was going to be immune from the virus. They were wrong.

I would hope as a leader you take a role of leadership which entails solutions and not just naysaying. At this time we need people helping each other the most by staying home and unfortunately apart until we can safely get through this ordeal.

Michael Erickson


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