Reader Opinion: We will pay

McCarthy’s bill, the “Limit, Save, and Grow Act” is out and out extortion.

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McCarthy’s bill, the “Limit, Save, and Grow Act” is out and out extortion. McCarthy gives President Biden two choices: Destroy the economy and throw the U.S. into a deep recession with a default on the nation’s debt or destroy the economy by accepting the disastrous cuts to governmental operations. Oh and then next spring let’s do it all again. Per the director of Management and Budget, “The math is simple, but unforgiving. At their top line funding level — with defense funding left untouched as Republicans have proposed — everything else is forced to suffer enormous cuts of 22 percent — cuts that would grow with each year of their plan.” Twenty two percent cuts for education, for Head Start and child care, for Meals on Wheels, for railroad safety and inspections. Medicaid and SNAP are also on the chopping board. This is not about the deficit. This is not about keeping our nation from going into default. This is about wrecking President Biden’s legacy. It’s all about power, getting it and holding it. Who pays? You and I do and the price will be enormous in job loss, deep recession and pain. Oh, and the plan includes more tax cuts for the wealthy to make the deficit larger so we can cut more. For Republicans it’s always about that.

Marian Severt


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