Reader Opinion: Welcome to spring


It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon at the lake. The sun is shining and the snow banks are disappearing. Birds are singing, small animals are out scurrying everywhere. In years past people would have been here opening up their cabins and looking forward to another summer at the lake. But this year is different. People have been told to stay home; we are under siege. Something that few of us have ever had to deal with in our lifetimes is threatening our very way of life. An Illness we have no answers for. It’s not only the threat of getting sick that is hurting us. The economy is virtually shut down. The government is spending like there is no tomorrow in an effort to avoid an economic collapse. That collapse will probably come later when the bills come due.

Then there is the never ending blame game. Our dysfunctional federal government people, constantly pointing fingers at each other. A president who goes against the advice of his own people because everything that was going to keep him in office is going down the pipe and he is frustrated. But this is bigger than him, bigger than all of us. At a time, when we should be putting our collective heads together, we are simply butting heads, trying to one up each other.

I have written before about greed and what it does to people. How it will destroy our society. Well it’s here and now.

It is my hope that a year from now this disease will be eradicated. But what won’t go away is what we did to our country. To our doctors, nurses and EMS people you deserved so much better. To all who are giving so unselfishly of themselves, let's hope your examples are never forgotten.

Mike Holst



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