Reader Opinion: We’ve been had

We refuse to recognize the evil that is attempting to strangle us into submission.

Stack of newspapers on a laptop computer.

Don’t know about you folks, but I’m sick and tired of reading about food shelves, food banks, and food scarcity in this paper.

I’m also tired of reading about people who quit their jobs (to stay home) and got a raise from the government along with additional SNAP food stamps.

All the hand wringing and pearl clutching in a nation that is so prosperous that in the past, we could send food to our enemies. A nation so energy independent that we could sell oil and natural gas overseas.

Now, in the quest for “green and carbon free,” we have our own citizens wondering where their next food will come from.

Because we refuse to recognize the evil that is attempting to strangle us into submission? Because we’ve seduced people into not working at all?


“Oh, the federal government can take care of it!”

Sure, you betcha, when it’s $32 trillion in debt.

When the United States of America has to import baby formula from Switzerland, you know we’ve been had.

And brother, we’ve been had.

Big time.

When Klaus Schwab says “You will own nothing,” he means it. Including your freedom to exist.

Tell Klaus, Biden and Walz that you refuse to accompany them on their trip to hell. Say no.

Tony Bauer



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