Reader Opinion: What is the endgame?

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s views of the country that fought to save her, allowed her family to settle in freedom and, just a few years after college graduation, jumpstart her political career, remain repugnant. The divisive venom from the congresswoman deserves all the criticism we can muster.

This week, Omar transitions from making anti-Semitic comments to crafting anti-Semitic policy, when she introduces a resolution supporting the BDS movement -- an anti-Israel group, whose actions embody many historical examples of Jew-hatred.

The resolution is anti-Semitic propaganda that likely won’t garner public support in a nation that overwhelmingly believes Jewish people have right to exist.

Omar simply wants to get Democrats, including 2020 presidential hopefuls, on the record. This should infuriate those candidates, including Minnesota’s pro-Israel Sen. Amy Klobuchar.

Democrats already struggled to condemn Omar’s past abhorrent comments on Israel and Judaism, and now hope to delay legislation amid fears of intra-party clashes. Though Omar is safe in her district, it will undoubtedly alienate more Minnesotans from what she believes is a “revolution.”


Tellingly, less than a year ago while campaigning in Minnesota’s 5th district, Omar told a predominantly liberal Jewish crowd she opposes BDS, a group so bigoted that 28 states have passed legislation banning organizations that support BDS from receiving state funds.

Omar is hurting her party by augmenting an internecine war between liberals and the hard Left, dividing her state, and giving a president she loathes more foil to expose her. Why?

Perhaps the power within today’s Democratic Party is not with party elders, but with radicals like Omar.

No doubt if President Trump wanted to call out Omar there are more effective ways than saying, “Go back where you came from” but absent checks on their instincts, her “squad” will continue their commitment to a dangerous brand of ethnic and sectarian antagonism.

AJ Kaufman

Little Falls

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