Reader Opinion: What would Jesus do?


If the COVID-19 outbreak had happened while Jesus was living on earth, I believe Jesus would always care for body-mind-spirit together, as an interconnected unit; but if it became necessary for Him to prioritize, He’d always give first priority to care of the soul (spirit), second priority to care of the emotions (mind), and third priority to care of physical health (body). Unlike in 2020, where physical health is considered paramount, emotional health gets honorable mention, and care of the soul is not even worth being acknowledged as essential.

Jesus, as the Good Shepherd, would be out on the front lines caring for and ministering to His sheep 24/7 -- the sick and the not-sick. His love for them would make Him completely unafraid of becoming infected by the virus (as God, he’d be immune anyway!). He’d find it impossible to “social distance.” He’d touch and hold His sheep as He cares for them, “binding up all their wounds” spiritual, emotional, physical. He’d laugh at the idea of wearing a mask or hazmat suit. “There’s no need. I won’t become sick, nor will I pass on this sickness to anyone. On the contrary, My touch will be a vaccine protecting those who are not sick.” His touch would cure many people of their illness -- especially if they believed in Him.

He’d order all churches to remain open 24/7, with public prayers being conducted continuously. The Apostles and others would be working in shifts offering Masses, leading processions, rosaries, litanies, and other prayers. Everyone would be encouraged to come, and singing would not be forbidden. Jesus would ensure that any pastors who refused to serve their flocks, would be quickly replaced by truly willing shepherds. Holy Water would be available in motion-activated dispensers!

Jessica Schumacher


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