Reader Opinion: Where is the loyalty?


Just imagine: A boss gathers a committee and gives them an agenda of very important matters to be completed. He also gives them a deadline. The due date arrives and nothing has been accomplished. In the meantime, dire problems have arisen to make completion of their assignment even more important. He emphasizes to them how important it is for them to buckle down and get the job down. Again, he gives them a deadline. Members of the committee comment that they still will not be in any hurry to complete the urgent tasks set before them. The time is spent with some members willing to work diligently while others refuse to put forth the needed effort or to compromise. The date arrives and, again, nothing has been accomplished. Do you think the unwilling and nonproductive members would still have their jobs?

Well, you and I (the bosses) gave the Legislature (the committee) the task of working together to get bills passed to keep our state strong. Once again, party politics took precedence over the welfare of the people. In this time of the pandemic, social unrest, need for change in our police system, and bonding issues, nothing was accomplished! Are they being paid extra for doing nothing?

In November, you and I (the bosses) have the power to fire the incompetent members of our Legislature and to hire people who will put us first, people who will be willing to work together and compromise, people who will finally put aside party loyalty and give that loyalty to us, their constituents.

Char Wrobel


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