Reader Opinion: Why is the government involved in this?

You don’t deserve to go to the moon or any other uninhabitable rock unless you have money to waste.

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With the second delay of the NASA moon rocket and a few more millions to be spent on top of the 4 trillion already spent, I have to ask a question. Why is the government involved in this? Why is NASA needed in this? Is it just a way of doing business we can’t cut ties too? Yes, there was a time when nobody but the government could afford this and our president had promised us, we would go to the moon but we did that and proud we were, but that was then and now is now and there is a new show in town that seems to have the money and the smarts to do this.

You don’t deserve to go to the moon or any other uninhabitable rock unless you have money to waste. One look at the ballooning national debt says we have no money to waste. So let Musk and Bezos’ and anyone else that wants too, carry this torch and do it. The government in turn should take care of the people of this country. What would 4 trillion dollars buy in food or infrastructure or maybe pay back the money on our debt?

I am in favor of a space force to protect our satellites but that’s not what this crazy venture is about. This is just our governments run away ego and not wanting to share the glory of going to space with anyone else in this country.

The national debt is off limits for political discussions. Reason why? Both parties are responsible and there is no solution beyond program cuts and higher taxes and that’s not going to get you elected. Rest assured, no president will be able to wave his magic wand and forgive us our debts.

Mike Holst



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