Reader Opinion: Why McFeely?

We have so much more to offer from within our own Brainerd lakes area.


Why do you continue to publish opinion articles from the sports writer, Mike McFeely, from the Forum? We have so much more to offer from within our own Brainerd lakes area. His last article, “All quiet in the belly of the best-Minneapolis” shattered the lenses used to read your paper for the final time!

His article states, “note the dateline” in reference to himself attending a Twins game and how quiet the Twin Cities currently is and that us country folk are scared to go down there because of the far right scare tactics. He confirms everything is great down there since mighty Mike made one trip to a Twins game.

Is everything that OK down there? Note the dateline today Monday, April 12, 2021. The police just shot another person, crowds formed taunting the police and then looting started again last night. The Cities have had highways blocked off before but it's different today when that happens. Now you do have to worry about being pulled from your car and beaten/killed if you happen to be in the wrong place! There are real problems in the Cities which are not being addressed from either side.

It’s time to stop all the grandiose hype dissing a certain political party you dislike and stick with the facts as it pertains to sports writing. Again, I ask why does the Brainerd Dispatch publish articles from someone like this from out west instead of the Brainerd lakes area?

Chris Johnson



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