Reader Opinion: Why nostalgia?

What is going on right now in the world is not all bad, not any more than what went on in my day was all good.

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Webster defines nostalgia as a sentimental longing or wistful affection for the past. I stand guilty of this and even in my own family I have been charged with living too much in the past. I’m not talking about being like the farmer who still tills his land with a horse and a single bottom plow. I have a 2021 car and a cellphone and right now this is being typed on my laptop and yes, my spellcheck is on. But my heart is back in the last century.

The future no longer belongs to my generation, so to find comfort in the world around me, I have to revert to what made me happy so many years ago. If that is wrong then look around you and say, “I’m really satisfied with things the way they are.” I can’t in good faith do that but yet I have to live with myself, so to that end I find happiness where I can, even if it’s in the past.

Yet I still have to live in this world, as long as I am drawing breath, and it is to my advantage to try and blend in as much as possible. What is going on right now in the world is not all bad, not any more than what went on in my day was all good. We had a word for things that were over the line and it was outrageous. You didn’t get away with outrageous for long. You see, outrageous was based on a lot of common-sense decisions. You didn’t need a Ph.D. to know right from wrong. We have a lot of Ph.D.’s telling us what to do. They decorate their office walls with all of their academic accomplishments but none of common sense.

Mike Holst


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