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Reader Opinion: Words matter

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Politics has always involved harsh words and fanciful phrases from mild mudslinging to outrageous charges. In recent days, however, the words have gone beyond the usual politics. The president has attacked four young congresswomen telling them they should go back to where they came from even though all four are United States citizens and all but one were born in this country. The president has gone on to say that they “hate America” and he has been joined by Sen. Lindsey Graham, who called them communists, said that they hate America and hate Israel. These comments are inflammatory, untrue and beyond the pale. The remarks also put a target on these young women and I believe it’s possible for some unhinged person to do them harm.

The problem with words like “communist," “socialist,” “leftist-communist,” “union-thug,” etc., etc., is that the words imply “enemy of the state,” which although untrue, give people with twisted logic license to do harm to others they may not agree with.

Ronald Reagan, in his farewell address, mentioned a letter he had received from someone. It mentioned that people can go to France and not be a Frenchman, to Germany and not be a German, but anyone in the world can come to America and become an American. Hearing this made me proud and I believe should make us all grateful for this nation.

Mike Wedding


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