Reader Opinion: You can make a difference


If you’re entirely happy with the way things are going, feel free to ignore this. On the other hand, if you are worried about the high price of prescriptions, the lack of affordable housing, the enormous debt most college graduates carry with them as they begin careers, the damage being done to our lives and planet due to global warming, the crumbling infrastructure of our nation leading to whole communities without safe drinking water or air quality; if you think it’s wrong that our government gives $20 billion per year to fossil fuel companies while saying they can’t afford to feed hungry children and low-income senior citizens, then do something. We have a big problem and it’s up to us to do something.

Make your voice heard. Vote. Vote in the presidential primary election on March 3 and vote next November for a leader who will represent all of us. There are many candidates to choose from, all of whom would be an improvement, but I will look for a candidate who is totally committed to changing the direction of our country. I’ll choose a candidate who will work for universal health care, better educational opportunities, greener, renewable energy sources, affordable housing, and a minimum wage that actually covers living expenses. If you’re 18 or older, you can be a part of this change. You can register to vote and vote at the same time. You can vote this week on the second floor at the courthouse in Brainerd, or you can vote on March 3 at your polling place. You can make a difference.

Beth Passi


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