It's got to be the toughest credit a student can earn at Brainerd High School.

Peder Smith and Lillian Schmitz capped a semester long preparation by winning the boys and girls divisions of the BHS triathlon Saturday.

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Both are juniors and it was the first time for each of them competing in the event.


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Twenty-nine students competed after spending the semester preparing and training in classes taught by Mike Boran and Ellen Fussy. All but two finished the grueling event in a light, steady rain.

The race began with a one-mile swim in the Brainerd pool (36 laps) followed by a 25-mile bike race and six-mile run that ended with a lap around the track at Don Adamson field.

Smith finished in 2:30:28 and Schmitz crossed the line in 2:53:41, which was good for fourth overall.

Smith emerged from the swim in the third wave with a 5:05 advantage, a lead he was able to hold onto while turning in the second fastest time on the bike and third in the run.

"I felt alright coming out of the swim, but I was starting to feel a little tired already and I started to feel it in my legs when I started on my bike," said Smith. "It was tough. The bike is my weakest leg, the leg that I was most nervous for and I tried to push it as hard as I could because I didn't want to get caught."

Smith is a distance runner for the Warriors in cross country and track and field teams. He is also a member of the Brainerd swimming and diving team.

"My legs were cramping about halfway through the bike, but I had some bananas and that kind of helped, Smith said. "I was pretty exhausted by the end, but I was glad to get off and start running. The run was pretty brutal, at least for the first half, and then I started to loosen up.

"I'm glad it's over - a very fun class - Mr. Boran and Mrs. Fussy are awesome at getting us prepared for this grueling final."

Schmitz is on the swimming and Alpine ski teams and participated in track last year as a sophomore. She said that she would go out for track again next year, but not this year because of the triathlon.

"The toughest leg was the running, said Schmitz, "and biking those hills was kind of tricky, too. I felt good coming out of the pool."

She was the first out of the pool in wave two and had the fastest girls swim time with a 25:52. She had the second fastest run and was fourth on the bike.

She might have been even faster on the bike, but spilled after the first lap of the bike race scraping her knee and had her chain come off. She was able to regroup.

"I didn't really feel it," Schmitz said. "I guess I was just going on adrenaline and didn't pay attention to it."

Still, it was during the bike leg that Schmitz started to feel the effects of the rigorous race.

"It was about halfway through the bike, halfway through my second lap, I was like, oh no, what have I gotten myself into," she said. "I really started feeling it there."

The rain didn't seem to hamper either of the two winners. Schmitz said she prefered it to the sun.

"I felt good in the rain," said Smith. "The ground wasn't wet enough yet to affect me on the bike and I was just hoping to hold off any challenger on the bike portion."

While neither is planning to go to Disney World to celebrate, Schmitz said she was going to eat some food and spend several hours in a hot tub Saturday night, while Smith was going to the Billy Joel concert in the Twin Cities with some friends.

"I'm glad it's over, but it's something I love to do," he said. "To challenge myself and the feeling of being done with something like this is way better than the feeling of hurt and pain during the race."

Top 3 overall:

Male: 1-Peder Smith 2:30:28, 2-Luke West 2:39:38, 3-Noah Baker 2:53:34

Female: 1-Lilly Schmitz 2:53:41, 2-Mackenzie Davidge 2:58:26, 3-Heather Fletcher 3:01:13

Top 3 swim:

Male: 1-Peder Smith 21:25. 2-Cody Tusler 25:30, 3-Ryan Stout 26:06

Females: 1-Lilly Schmitz 25:52, 2-Maddie Karels 29:49, 3-Alicia Andrews 32:06

Top 3 bike:

Males: 1-Taylor Schloemer 1:13:58, 2-Peder Smith 1:15:31, 3-Noah Baker 1:20:06

Females: 1-Mackenzie Davidge 1:21:40, 2-Mikinzie Boeder 1:23:13, 3-Heather Fletcher 1:24:40

All competitors

1-Peder Smith (21:25, 1:15:31, 50:07) 2:30:28

2-Luke West, (29:45, 1:22:47, 43:13) 2:39:38

3-Noah Baker, (34:25, 1:20:06, 55:09) 2:53:34

4-Lilly Schmitz, (25:52, 1:29:37, 54:06) 2:53:41

5-Ryan Stout, (26:06, 1:30:5,7 53:35) 2:54:49

6-Talan Vastila (34:35, 1:34:01, 42:08) 2:54:53

7-Cody Tusler, (25:30, 1:32:21, 54:40) 2:55:23

8-Mackenzie Davidge, (37:02, 1:21:40, 55:16) 2:58:26

9-Heather Fletcher, (36:26, 1:24:40, 57:19) 3:01:13

10-Mikinzie Boeder, (35:56, 1:23:13, 1:01:53) 3:04:03

11-Cody Townsend, (47:12, 1:28:38, 52:08) 3:10:46

12-Alicia Andrews, (32:06, 1:31:49, 1:03:34) 3:10:50

13-Taylor Schloemer, (38:34, 1:13:58, 1:16:10) 3:11:20

14-Carter Reece, (40:40, 1:30:30, 55:29) 3:11:20

15-Matt Schubert, (41:59, 1:41:58, 50:27) 3:17:22

16-Mikayla Boeder, (32:57, 1:32:46, 1:08:54) 3:17:29

17-Lexi Sommers-Getty, (39:52, 1:33:35, 1:00:00) 3:18:26

18-Haley Schmaltz, (37:13, 1:36:03, 1:02:56) 3:21:42

19-Hannah Hess, (37:15, 1:31:09, 1:08:29) 3:21:51

20-Keith Hall, (38:53, 1:30:35, 1:01:28) 3:27:08

21-Ariana Huber, (39:12, 1:32:34, 1:11:37) 3:27:30

22-Emily Aga, (51:36, 1:39:48, 52:10) 3:28:59

23-Makayla Roehl, (42:03, 1:39:46, 1:06:26) 3:32:55

24-Maddie Karels, (29:49, 1:43:12, 1:17:57) 3:37:42

25-Amy Shepherd, (44:29, 1:43:12, 1:11:43) 3:44:06

26-Cortney Babineau, (40:3,1 1:44:45, 1:19:40) 3:51:51

27-Anthony Cory, (49:15, 1:30:30, 1:16:2)2 3:52:37

DNF Claire Lapage

DNF Jake Zontelli


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