Mike Boran wants to be clear that he's not being asked to leave his position as co-head coach of the Brainerd Warriors wrestling program.

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Monday, Boran submitted his resignation to Brainerd High School activities director Charlie Campbell. In an email to wrestling friends and families, Boran said after 32 years of coaching wrestling, 20 as a head coach or co-head coach, he decided to retire from coaching wrestling.

"This has been on my mind for a while now and honestly I no longer feel I can devote the time and energy that it takes," Boran wrote, "and in fairness to current wrestlers in our program it is time for me to step away.

"You need to know I am not being pressured by anyone or anything to do this. I have shared this with the high school wrestling coaching staff, my family and Mr. Campbell. I especially wanted my son, Mark, to know I wasn't walking away from him his senior year. I will continue to support him as a parent as I will all wrestlers in our program.

"I'm sure some will be surprised, maybe disappointed, hopefully understanding and yes some encouraged by this decision. These are all fair reactions. I want to thank those who have been supportive and hope that those who have disagreed with decisions that we have made understand that nothing was ever personal and all decisions were meant to be in the best interests of all wrestlers.

---   ---   ---   ---   ---

Mike Boran

  • Age: 54
  • Career coaching record at Brainerd: 201-154
  • Warrior state placewinners during his tenure: 25

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"Wrestling is a sport that can be hard physically, mentally and emotionally. Coaching wrestling is the same. I will forever be attached to wrestling but for those who know me best you know there is more to me than just wrestling and I look forward to being able to devote more time to those things.

"I refuse to use the words 'burnt out.' That implies that one no longer cares. That has never been and will never be the case."

Boran went on to state there are many challenges for high school coaches today.

"This is evident with some of the other programs at BHS that have been in the news," Boran wrote. "I want to encourage you to be positive and supportive of coaches. It can be a very tough, thankless job. Being a negative parent or 'community expert' is not helpful.

"Like all sports, wrestling faces some challenges that need to be met in a positive and constructive way. Let's work together to be a part of the solution. I will continue to work with the athletic department for the remainder of this school year to insure a smooth transition.

"I am thankful to have been able to coach this great sport for as long as I have and walk away at peace with this decision."

As head coach or co-head coach, Boran's Warrior teams compiled a 201-154 career record. He has been involved in Brainerd's program in some way since 1990.

"Through those 29 years we've had at least one wrestler in the state tournament in every one of them," Boran said Tuesday. "We had 25 state placewinners over those years. I think we've been successful that way." Boran added, "Coaching a lot of kids in the state tournament would be a high point. Coaching a lot of good kids over the years and working with a lot of good coaches will be the part I will miss the most."

Boran, who coached three years at his alma mater in Blue Earth before moving to Brainerd, will continue to teach physical education and outdoor adventure.

Campbell said he will soon visit with current co-head coach Mikkey White to determine White's plans and the program's future.

In addition, Campbell said he has appreciated the opportunity to get to know Boran the past several years. Among other things, the two are members of the freshmen football staff.

"He's organized," Campbell said. "He's a competitor. He's thoughtful. He has a great sense of humor. Perhaps coach Boran's most defining quality is his desire to always try to do right by the kids in his stead. He's got a heart of gold and he will be missed by our coaching staff and me."