AITKIN-Aitkin's Luke Pelarski went 3-0 for the Gobblers with three pins in the 138-pound weight class as the No. 1 seeded Aitkin Gobblers went 3-0 to win the Section 7-1A team title Saturday, Feb. 16.

The Gobblers opened with a 73-4 quarterfinal victory over Rush City-Braham, a 59-15 semifinal victory over Deer River and a 37-25 championship win over No. 2 seeded Royalton-Upsala to advance to state. This will be Aitkin's fifth state trip and first since 2008.

Aitkin's Marshall Larson, Jack Gravelle, Carter Endrizzi, Jack Workman and Cody Snyder all went 3-0.

The No. 5 Crosby-Ironton Rangers fell 43-33 in their quarterfinal match to No. 4 Deer River.

Section final

Aitkin 37, Royalton-Upsala 25

106: Marshall Larson (Aitkin) dec. Sam Costanzo (Royalton-Upsala) 6-3

113: Will Gorecki (Royalton-Upsala) maj. dec. Walker Jones (Aitkin) 10-2

120: Carson Kullhem (Aitkin) maj. dec. Hunter Novitzki (Royalton-Upsala) 18-6

126: Wyatt Lahr (Royalton-Upsala) dec. Nathan Rom (Aitkin) 9-3

132: Jack Gravelle (Aitkin) dec. Jacob Leibold (Royalton-Upsala) 8-5

138: Luke Pelarski (Aitkin) pinned Brayden Conrad (Royalton-Upsala) 1:12

145: Carter Endrizzi (Aitkin) tech fall Gabe Gorecki (Royalton-Upsala) 21-4

152: Tyler Spolarich (Aitkin) pinned Christopher Borash (Royalton-Upsala) 1:26

160: Damion Theisen (Royalton-Upsala) dec. Quin Miller (Aitkin) 6-4

170: Jackson Held (Royalton-Upsala) pinned Tyler Decent (Aitkin) 1:06

182: Jack Workman (Aitkin) maj. dec. Austin Wensmann (Royalton-Upsala) 17-4

195: Gage Louden (Royalton-Upsala) dec. Craig Ashton (Aitkin) 9-5

220: Cody Snyder (Aitkin) pinned Matthew Kasella (Royalton-Upsala) 5:03

285: Mason Novitzki (Royalton-Upsala) pinned Nathan Stifter (Aitkin) 0:23

Overall: A 15-12. Next: Aitkin in Section 7-1A Individual Tournament at Ogilvie Friday, Feb. 22.

Section semifinal

Aitkin 59, Deer River 15

106: Marshall Larson (Aitkin) dec. Tygh Gullickson (Deer River) 6-3

113: Trevor Michienzi (Deer River) pinned Walker Jones (Aitkin) 2:51

120: Marshall Michienzi (Deer River) dec. Carson Kullhem (Aitkin) 4-2

126: Nathan Rom (Aitkin) pinned Brady Long (Deer River) 3:20

132: Jack Gravelle (Aitkin) pinned Ronald Roy (Deer River) 2:45

138: Luke Pelarski (Aitkin) pinned Jack Perrington (Deer River) 1:27

145: Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) pinned Tyler Spolarich (Aitkin) 3:27

152: Carter Endrizzi (Aitkin) tech fall Jojo Thompson (Deer River) 20-4

160: Quin Miller (Aitkin) pinned Charles Hart (Deer River) 2:33

170: Tyler Decent (Aitkin) pinned Bryce Herring (Deer River) 3:46

182: Jack Workman (Aitkin) pinned Thor Konsjord (Deer River) 4:35

195: Craig Ashton (Aitkin) dec. Cole Fox (Deer River) 3-2

220: Cody Snyder (Aitkin) wins by forfeit

285: Nathan Stifter (Aitkin) wins by forfeit

Section quarterfinal

Aitkin 73, Rush City 4

106: Marshall Larson (Aitkin) pinned Isaak Coolidge (Rush City-Braham) 3:00

113: Walker Jones (Aitkin) pinned Landon Umbreit (Rush City-Braham) 1:24

120: Carson Kullhem (Aitkin) pinned Brett Helser (Rush City-Braham) 1:50

126: Nathan Rom (Aitkin) pinned Jesse Eklund (Rush City-Braham) 1:36

132: Jack Gravelle (Aitkin) maj. dec. Logan Niessen (Rush City-Braham) 14-5

138: Luke Pelarski (Aitkin) pinned Carson Shockman (Rush City-Braham) 1:45

145: Tyler Spolarich (Aitkin) pinned Kyle Bestick (Rush City-Braham) 1:30

152: Carter Endrizzi (Aitkin) dec. Anthony Hermanson (Rush City-Braham) 10-5

160: Quin Miller (Aitkin) wins by forfeit

170: Daniel Mielke (Rush City-Braham) maj. dec. Tyler Decent (Aitkin) 14-4

182: Jack Workman (Aitkin) pinned Masyn Longren (Rush City-Braham) 1:51

195: Craig Ashton (Aitkin) pinned Samson Hageman (Rush City-Braham) 3:30

220: Cody Snyder (Aitkin) wins by forfeit

285: Cody Snyder (Aitkin) wins by forfeit

Section quarterfinals

No. 4 Deer River 43, No. 5 Crosby-Ironton 33

106: Tygh Gullickson (Deer River) maj. dec. Dillan Barna (Crosby-Ironton) 11-1

113: Trevor Michienzi (Deer River) dec. John Paul Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) 6-5

120: Marshall Michienzi (Deer River) pinned Gabe Ridlon (Crosby-Ironton)

126: Adam Christopher (Crosby-Ironton) pinned Brady Long (Deer River) 5:00

132: Nate Williams (Crosby-Ironton) pinned Deanna Francisco (Deer River) 3:00

138: Ronald Roy (Deer River) pinned Fletcher Peterson (Crosby-Ironton) 1:30

145: Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) wins by forfeit

152: Trey Fairbanks (Deer River) pinned Jake Klancher (Crosby-Ironton) 1:40

160: Michael Fitzpatrick (Crosby-Ironton) dec. Jojo Thompson (Deer River) 4-0

170: Josh Mienert (Crosby-Ironton) pinned Bryce Herring (Deer River) 4:30

182: Thor Konsjord (Deer River) wins by forfeit

195: Cole Fox (Deer River) pinned Eli Greely (Crosby-Ironton)

220: Taylor Eigenheer (Crosby-Ironton) wins by forfeit

285: Kyle Blazek (Crosby-Ironton) wins by forfeit

Overall: CI 11-11. Next: Crosby-Ironton in Section 7-1A Individual Tournament at Ogilvie Friday, Feb. 22.