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Breezy Point Figure Skating Club skaters compete

Breezy Point figure skaters Lily Good, Anne Rohr, Madilyn Good and Elena Craig competed in Brainerd. Submitted Photo 1 / 3
Breezy Point Figure Skating Club member Marie Wallin is shown with fellow dancers Brooke Marks and Halaina Walker, and dance coach Sarah France. Submitted Photo 2 / 3
Madilyn Good, Sarah Minke (Elk River), Anne Rohr, Isabelle Durre (Elk River) and Bretta Nelson are coached by Kristin Wallin, of Breezy Point. Submitted Photo 3 / 3

Breezy Point Figure Skating Club members have been competing this winter.

At the beginning of February, Marie Wallin competed at the Hiawathaland competition in Rochester, where she competed at the juvenile plus level and placed 10th in freeskate, fourth in compulsory, first in jumps and third in pre-silver pattern dance.

On Feb. 17, Elena Craig, Lily Good, Madilyn Good, Bretta Nelson and Anne Rohr competed at Skate Vacationland in Brainerd.

Craig competed at the Basic 6 level, placing third in compulsory and fourth in freeskate.

Lily Good competed at the Basic 3 level and placed in both events.

Madilyn Good and Rohr competed at the high beginner level and placed first and third in compulsory, and second and third in freeskate. respectively. Madilyn also placed second in spins.

Nelson competed at the beginner level and placed fourth in both compulsory and freeskate.

Next up for these skaters is the annual ice show, "Tonys and Toepicks," on March 30 and 31 at the Breezy Point Ice Arena.