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Weightlifting: Peterson, Holm top lifters

A student competes in weightlifting Tuesday, March 5, at the 29th annual Sertoma Lift-A-Thon at Brainerd High School. Steve Kohls / Brainerd Dispatch

Broc Peterson and Maddie Holm were the top male and female lifters in the 29th annual Sertoma Sunrise Warrior Liftathon March 5-6 in the Brainerd High School weight room.

Peterson, a junior, had the top boys Most-Pounds-Per-Ounce rating at 5.69. He edged sophomore Javan Hemsworth, who finished with a rating of 5.67. The competition between Peterson and Hemsworth went down to the final lift of the two-day event.

Competing at 160 pounds, Peterson bench-pressed 235 pounds, power-cleaned 270 and had a parallel squat of 405.

Holm, also a junior, had the top girls Most-Pounds-Per-Ounce rating at 3.92. She bench-pressed 150 pounds, power-cleaned 165 and had a parallel squat of 265.

As MPPO champions, Peterson and Holm are recipients of Stephen G. Nunnink MPPO

scholarships, which are given to the top male and female MPPO performers each year. Nunnink was the founder of the MPPO concept in 1975 as coordinator of the Warrior Strength and Conditioning program.

Participants were divided into 11 fundraising teams, with each team captained by a Sertoma member as the fundraising coordinator. Teams raise money for local charities and those in need in the Brainerd Area, and also competed for T-shirts based upon MPPO performance guidelines, which measures a lifter's overall body strength in relation to body size.

MPPO is determined by adding a lifter's one-repetition maximum lift in the bench press, power clean and parallel squat. The three-lift total poundage is divided by the lifter's body weight to determine MPPO.

Of the 99 male participants, 28 met or exceeded the MPPO standard necessary to earn a T-shirt, which was 4.00 or greater for boys with a body weight under 250 pounds, and 3.50 or greater for boys with a body weight of 250 pounds or more.

Of the 53 female participants, 12 met or exceeded the MPPO standard necessary to earn a t-shirt, which was 2.75 or greater for girls with a body weight under 180 pounds, and 2.50 or greater for girls with a body weight of 180 pounds or more.

The Sertoma Sunrise Club will also select at-large scholarship recipients. To be eligible, applicants must be seniors and a minimum two-year Liftathon participant. Recipients will be announced in May.

The top three fundraising teams and their Sertoma captains will be announced at the end of March.

The event involved 152 Brainerd lifters in grades 8-12.

Top Maximum lifts for boys:Bench press: Brett Hague (300), Power clean: Tommy Fickett (295), Parallel squat: Brett Hague (455), Total combined lifts: Brett Hague (1,030)
Top maximum lifts for girls:Bench press: Aaliyah Lemm (190), Power clean: Maddie Holm (165), Parallel squat: Maddie Holm (265), Total combined lifts: Maddie Holm (580)Additional boys MPPO winners and order of finish:Javan Hemsworth 5.67, Dalton Hamre 5.52, Harry Carlson 5.20, Brett Hague 5.04, Isaiah Windorski 4.88, Noah Rushmeyer 4.88, Tommy Fickett 4.87, Brandt Patton 4.85, Jacob Holm 4.81, Hunter Turcotte 4.66, Jacob Drietz 4.65, Davon Stuckey 4.65, Colby Watland 4.64, Simon Nelson 4.63, Aaron Stark 4.54, Hayden MacLaughlin 4.51, Andrew Thielke 4.50, Ethan Strong 4.25, Forrest Gibson 4.21, Jonas Ewald 4.21, Jack Schafer 4.20, Alex Helmin 4.16, Ethan Naanes 4.15, Mark Boran 4.13, Gus Sanford 4.13, Dylan Wgeishofski 4.12, Calvin Foss 4.11  Additional girls MPPO winners and order of finish:Sara Schiller 3.70, Gina Wasniewski 3.45, Kayla Deason 3.42, Brenna Deason 3.32, Erin Hoelzel 3.28, Emma Korhonen 3.10, Ella Anderson 2.98, Ara Anderson 2.96, Avery Eckman 2.80, Amanda Cook 2.66, Josie Gibson 2.62Boys lifters with top 10 all-time performances:MPPO: Broc Peterson, 10th place, 11th grade (5.69); Javan Hemsworth, 2nd place, 10th grade (5.67); Harry Carlson, 10th place, 10th grade (5.20); Noah Rushmeyer, 6th place, 9th grade (4.88); Jacob Holm, 9th place, 9th grade (4.81)Girls lifters with top 10 all-time performances:Bench press: Aaliyah Lemm, 3rd place all classes (190); Maddie Holm, 8th place all classes (150); Sara Schiller, 10th place all classes (145) Total combined lifts: Maddie Holm, 10th place all classes (580) MPPO: Maddie Holm, 4th place, 11th grade (3.92); Sara Schiller, 3rd place, 10th grade (3.70); Ara Anderson, 9th place, 9th grade (2.96); Brenna Deason, 2nd place, 8th grade (3.32); Ella Anderson, 3rd place, 8th grade (2.98); Malina Schiller, 5th place, 8th grade (2.67)
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