Maybe it's just me getting older, but I really think that there isn't any downtime if you are an outdoorsman. Hunting and fishing seasons-dates all seem to be running together.

Right now it's between turkeys, morels and fishing and then what species to fish for. I know one of these days I'm going to go out in the dark, set up the blind and end up only having a fishing rod in the truck. It's just bound to happen. So for now I'm just happy to have these problems.

As far as opener, many people that hit Mille Lacs found some fish, with many anglers getting their one keeper. And the crappie bite is still at prime time so this would be a good time to have a meal of fish with some morels. Yes, the mushrooms are just starting in the area and we've been finding some but it's too early to tell if it will be a good year or not. The ramps are also up and are a great addition to any wild game that you are preparing.

Well I'm off to Ely for the week to chase some walleyes, and maybe look for some morels up there, too.

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