Area Cross-Country: W-DC's Loer, Motschenbacher runners-up, Wolverine teams second

WADENA--Bereket Loer and Abby Motschenbacher of Wadena-Deer Creek were runners-up in the Park Region Conference Meet where Wolverine boys and girls teams finished second Tuesday, Oct. 16.

WADENA-Bereket Loer and Abby Motschenbacher of Wadena-Deer Creek were runners-up in the Park Region Conference Meet where Wolverine boys and girls teams finished second Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Loer finished second in the boys race with a 17:32.9 run followed closely by teammate Lucas Hinojos who placed third. Other top 10 Wolverine boys finishers were Jayson Young in eighth and Isaac Ries in 10th.

Motschenbacher's second-place run of 20:51.7 was followed by Johanna Brunsberg in sixth, Alexandra Pavek in seventh and Sam Malone in ninth to place the Wolverine girls second.

The Pillager girls finished fourth with their top run coming from Allie Watson who finished 13th. Nate Blake finished 31st and the Pillager boys were eighth.

Mara Adams of Pine River-Backus finished 14th as the Tiger girls team was incomplete. Jacob Schnoor of PRB finished 24th and the Tiger boys were seventh.


Boys results

Team scores: 1-Ottertail Central 33, 2-Wadena-Deer Creek 34, 3-United North Central 126, 4-Parkers Prairie 129, 5-New York Mills 139, 6-Brandon-Evansville 142, 7-Pine River-Backus 193, 8-Pillager

Individual winner: 1-Eli Carlson (OTC) 17:24.8

Pillager results: 31-Nate Blake 20:45.9, 43-Dray Turner 21:30.4, 45-Garrett Olson 21:49.9, 58-Gabe Grimsley 22:55.8, 62-Ezra Notch 23:33.3, 68-Gunner Casuse 24:31.1, 69-Brenden Brichacek 25:01.0

Pine River-Backus results: 24-Jacob Schnoor 20:12.4, 35-Marcus Lukanen 20:54.7, 38-Nathan Nations 21:16.5, 47-Louis Bueckers 21:56.8, 49-Caleb Travis 22:20.9, 50-Jordan Tisdell 22:23.1, 51-Tyler Peterson 22:23.4, 53-Kade Schneider 22:32.1, 54-Austin Beavers 22:37.8, 59-Keenan Dahl 23:12.7, 60-Andrew Bueckers 23:15.1, 64-Tyler G 23:46.0,

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Bereket Loer 17:32.9, 3-Lucas Hinojos 17:50.2, 8-Jayson Young 18:45.1, 10-Isaac Ries 19:00.0, 11-Joshua Tabery 19:06.0, 18-Eli Bervig 19:34.0, 22-Wyatt Peterson 19:55.7, 25-Cody Wolff 20:13.2, 30-Cole Dunker 20:39.9, 52-Paul Kim 22:31.4, 56-Philip Ross 22:46.1

Girls results

Team scores: 1-United North Central 35, 2-Wadena-Deer Creek 41, 3-Ottertail Central 64, 4-Pillager 90, 5-Brandon-Evansville, INC-Pine River-Backus


Individual winner: 1-Annika Aho (UNC) 20:21.5

Pillager results: 13-Allie Watson 22:47.3, 15-Lillian March 22:52.2, 18-Sienna Swanberg 23:41.4, 19-Elsie Turner 23:55.2, 25-Jessica Kimman 25:07.8, 26-Emma Reader 25:15.2, 28-Karly Clyne 25:22.4, 33-Rachel Sheehan 26:06.7, 34-Ally Smith 26:07.4, 37-Hannah Christie 26:17.1, 39-Coryne Lange 26:29.1, 42-Lidny Cordes 27:19.3, 45-Jenna Woidyla 27:54.9, 46-Kylee Wilson 28:41.6, 48-Ziya Pulak 30:12.7, 51-Kasey Anderson 31:06.6, 53-Jaelyn Jordahl 32:50.9, 54-Olivia Notch 35:55.1, 55-Ariana Lunow 37:43.4, 56-Laci Gibbs 37:52.0

Pine River-Backus results: 14-Mara Adams 22:52.2, 24-Lauren Penkhus 25:06.6, 29-Anna Sechser 25:26.9

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 2-Abby Motschenbacher 20:51.7, 6-Johanna Brunsberg 22:17.8, 7-Alexandra Pavek 22:25.0, 9-Sam Malone 22:37.4, 17-Sophie Kreklau 23:19.9, 20-Emma Ries 24:02.8, 21-Eve Collins 24:08.7, 35-Hailey Peterson 26:08.3

S-M girls finish 3rd

BEMIDJI-Kira Sweeney and Kyanna Burton finished third and fourth for Staples-Motley pacing the Cardinal girls to third place out of 14 teams at the Bemidji Invite Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Tucker Ringhand was the 17th runner to cross the line for the boys leading Crosby-Ironton to fifth and the eighth-place C-I girls were led by Sara Bostrom's 18th place.

Boys results


Team scores: 1-Perham 44, 2-Moorhead 57, 3-Bemidji 71, 4-East Grand Forks 72, 5-Crosby-Ironton 182, 6-Bagley Fosston 197, 7-Roseau 210, 8-Thief River Falls 213, 9-Ada-Borup/Norman County 230, 10-Hawley 271, 11-Warroad 289, 12-Pelican Rapids 307, inc-Cass Lake-Bena, Fisher

Individual winner: Zach Johnson (Mrhd) 16:17.0

Crosby-Ironton results: 17-Tucker Ringhand 17:34.1, 29-Seth LeMieur 18:06.9, 33-Caleb Bugnacki 18:30.5, 48-Carson Turk 19:38.0, 62-Evan Miller 20:21.4

Girls results

Team scores: 1-Perham 43, 2-Moorhead 57, 3-Staples-Motley 86, 4-Bemidji 127, 5-East Grand Forks 130, 6-Pelican Rapids 169, 7-Hawley 199, 8-Crosby-Ironton 218, 9-Warroad 232, 10-Thief River Falls 240, 11-Roseau 277, inc-Ada-Borup/Norman County, Bagley/Fosston, Crookston

Individual winner: Katherine Geist (Crook) 19:34.5

Crosby-Ironton results: 28-Sara Bostrom 21:24.0, 37-Lily Peterson 21:54.8, 52-Ella Dwyer 23:34.6, 54-Karli Nixon 23:44.7, 64-Anna Bostrom 24:47.6

Staples-Motley results: 3-Kira Sweeney 20:04.6, 4-Kyanna Burton 20:05.8, 18-Addison Lorber 21:09.7, 29-Ashley Robben 21:26.6, 39-Addisyn Cichos 22:04.3, 59-Abby Brown 24:11.9, 66-Madysen Hull 25:08.2

LF girls 5th, girls 6th

ZIMMERMAN-Little Falls' Grant Jackson, Courtney Loeffler and Katie Corbett earned All-Granite Ridge Conference honors in the GRC Meet Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Jackson finished 10th leading the boys to sixth place. Loeffler and Corbett placed 11th and 15th, respectively, as they paced the girls to fifth place.

The top 15 finishers earn all-conference and runners in places 16-20 receive honorable mention.

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Mora 26, 2-Becker 64, 3-St. Cloud Cathedral 76, 4-Foley 90, 5-Albany 126, 6-Little Falls 141, 7-Zimmerman 212, 8-Milaca 222

Individual winner: Cooper Lennox (Mora) 17:09.9

Little Falls results: 10-Grant Jackson 17:47.1, 26-Simon Park 18:32.1, 34-William Riitters 18:51.1, 35-Braden Jackson 18:57.3, 36-Wyatt Baum 19:03.3, 39-Connor Grant 19:27.1, 43-Ben Peterson 19:48.6

Girls results

Team scores: 1-Becker 43, 2-Zimmerman 53, 3-Albany 82, 4-Mora 86, 5-Little Falls 117, 6-Milaca 134, 7-St. Cloud Cathedral 162, 8-Foley 232

Individual winner: Cheresa Bouley (Zim) 19:40.4

Little Falls results: 11-Courtney Loeffler 20:40.8, 15-Katie Corbett 21:02.4, 28-Claire Zack 22:14.1, 31-Adrienne Kresha 22:35.4, 32-Kali Schirmers 22:43.3 36-Kylie Tervo 23:06.5, 37-Maddy Marquette 23:12.8

Pierz boys 4th, girls 5th

COKATO-Jake Andres was runner-up and Carissa Andres eighth for the Pierz Pioneers who finished fourth in the boys race and fifth in the girls meet in the Central Minnesota Conference Meet Tuesday, Oct. 16.

Cole Andres placed 10th earning all-conference honors along with Jake Andres and Carissa Andres. Places 1-10 received all-conference and 11-15 were honorable mention.

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Holdingford 65, 2-Paynesville 69, 3-Osakis 88, 4-Pierz 110, 5-Maple Lake 123, 6-Howard Lake-Waverly 127, 7-Royalton 130, 8-St. John's Prep 180, 9-Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball 254

Individual winner: Christopher Borash (Roy) 16:66.7

Pierz results: 2-Jake Andres 17:07.4, 10-Cole Andres 17:27.1, 23-Jaden Hennen 18:42.3, 28-Ethan Kowalczyk 18:58.3, 47-Carson Yates 20:18.7, 51-Gunther Dodge 20:30.3, 52-Landon Schomer 20:40.6

Girls results

Team scores: 1-Howard Lake-Waverly 25, 2-Maple Lake 62, 3-Eden Valley-Watkins-Kimball 79, 4-Paynesville 115, 5-Pierz 126, 6-Royalton 154, 7-Osakis 166, 8-St. John"s Prep 241

Individual winner: Gracie Mallak (HL-W) 19:01.1

Pierz results: 8-Carissa Andres 20:18.3, 24-Rachel Kasper 21:30.4, 27-Brenna Andres 21:48.7, 33-Kara Bakke 22:35.1, 37-Alyssa Gall 23:44.3, 42-Ellie Lochner 24:22.9, 50-Katie Schaefer 26:55.1

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