Area Track and Field: Patriots place 4th at state

STILLWATER--Chloe Bermel won two events and Britt Kratochvil won the high jump to lead the Pequot Lakes Patriots to fourth place Saturday in the State Class 2A True Team meet.

STILLWATER-Chloe Bermel won two events and Britt Kratochvil won the high jump to lead the Pequot Lakes Patriots to fourth place Saturday in the State Class 2A True Team meet.

Bermel won the 100 and 200-meter dashes and was sixth in the 400 dash.

Deserea Engholm placed second in the discus and fourth in the shot put for the Patriots, who scored 344.5 points in their first State True Team meet.

Girls team scores: 1-Rocori 479, 2-Willmar 456, 3-Red Wing 391, 4-Pequot Lakes 344.5, 5-Visitation 316.5, 6-Belle Plaine 295, 7-Byron 262, 8-North Branch 216, 9-Benilde-St. Margaret's 174

100 hurdles: 1-Selin Dikmen (BP) 16.24, 5-Ashley Kosloski (PL) 17.23, 8-Karli Skog (PL) 17.86


300 hurdles: 1-Dikmen (BP) 48.34, 8-Addie Hubbard (PL) 50.67, 15-Karli Skog (PL) 55.34

100 dash: 1-Chloe Bermel (PL) 12.82, 7-Grace McGuire (PL) 13.47

200 dash: 1-Bermel (PL) 25.67, 8-McGuire (PL) 27.48

400 dash: 1-Emily Hart (RW) 58.95, 6-Bermel (PL) 1:00.11, 11-McGuire 1:02.94

800 run: 1-Jayda Woods (R) 2:18.23, 11-Kristin Skog (PL) 2:31.48, 12-Olivia Lane (PL) 2:31.48

1600 run: 1-Woods (R) 5:11.57, 11-Skog (PL) 5:43.62, 15-Cassidy Chaney (PL) 5:57.43

3200 run: 1-Heidi Schmitz (Will) 11:22.56, 11-Chaney (PL) 12:57.77, 13-Courtney Boller (PL)

4x100 relay: 1-Byron 51.89, 4-Pequot Lakes 53.35


4x200 relay: 1-Red Wing 1:49.24, 5-Pequot Lakes 1:54.83

4x400 relay: 1-Rocori 4:04.68, 4-Pequot Lakes 4:18.31

4x800 relay: 1-Rocori 9:51.41, 6-Pequot Lakes 10:41.93

Shot put: 1-Ayoka Lee (B) 37-0, 4-Desera Engholm (PL) 34-5.5, 9-Ashley Foster (PL) 30-2

Discus: 1-Cayle Hovland (W) 115-6, 2-Engholm (PL) 101-3, 15-Bermel 68-3

Long jump: 1-Madisyn Lyons (RW) 16-3, 7-Hubbard 15-1.5, 16-McGuire 13-7

Triple jump: 1-Emma Weatherly (B) 34-3.75, 8-Hubbard 31-8, 16-Alyssa Golden (PL) 28-6.25

High jump: 1-Britt Kratochvil (PL) 5-0, 6-Hubbard (PL) 4-6


Pole vault: 1-Hannah L.Coleman (B) 11-0, 9-Golden (PL) 8-6, 12-Mirjana Ganley (PL) 8-0

Pierz places 5th

STILLWATER-Chelsie Kurtz posted a first-place 5-foot-0 height in the high jump and the Pierz Pioneers won two relays to finish fifth in Saturday's Class 1A state True Team meet.

Kurtz tackled on two fourths in the 100- and 200-meter dashes.

Beth-el Algarin placed second in the shot put and third in the discus, while Taryn Becker was third in the 100 hurdles and fourth in the long jump.

Girls team scores: 1-Osakis 388.5, 2-Luverne 387, 3-Lanesboro/Fillmore Central 371.5, 4-Maple Lake 354, 5-Pierz 351.5, 6-Howard Lake-Waverly 313, 7-Frazee 300, 8-Park Rapids 277.5, 9-Blue Earth 189

100 hurdles: 1-Kayla Sorenson (O) 16.43, 3-Taryn Becker (Prz) 17.19, 5-Kaitlyn Lanners (Prz) 18.28

300 hurdles: 1-Emma Breitschrecher (LFCM) 49.08, 7-Bailey Lochner (Prz) 52.95, 11-Becker (Prz) 54.79

100 dash: 1-Tianna Doppenberg (Luv) 13.19, 4-Chelsie Kurtz (Prz) 13.58, 5-Breana Kurtz (13.61

200 dash: 1-Tianna Stanek (O) 27.27, 4-Chelsie Kurtz 27.67, 7-Leah Fuhrman 27.88

400 dash: 1-Jadyn Anderson (Luv) 1:02.14, 6-Brenna Andres (Prz) 1:04.83, 12-Avy Lease (Prz) 1:06.16

800 run: 1-Gracie Mallak (HLWW) 2:28.56, 13-Kalli Gross (Prz) 2:43.40, 15-Leah Fuhrman (Prz) 2:47.64

1600 run: 1-Mallak (HLWW) 5:23.46, 15-Kacy Broschofsky (Prz) 6:01.94, 17-Kelsi Stuckmayer (Prz) 6:29.28

3200 run: 1-Lydia Kantonen (PR) 11:56.10, 9-Andres (Prz) 13:01.30, 16-Alyssa Gall (Prz) 13:41.90

4x100 relay: 1-Pierz 53.16

4x200 relay: 1-Pierz 1:51.21

4x400 relay: 1-Luverne 4:21.41, 7-Pierz 4:31.01

4x800 relay: 1-Lanesboro/Fillmore Central 10:14.92, 5-Pierz 10:49.25

Shot put: 1-Jessica Bliese (O) 39-7.25, 3-Beth-el Algarin (Prz) 36-11, 15-Malea Boser (Prz) 27-3

Discus: 1-Bliese (O) 112-10, 2-Algarin (Prz) 104-3, 12-Kacy Broschofsky (Prz) 85-11

Long jump: 1-Heather Leukuma (HLWW) 15-8.5, 4-Becker (Prz) 14-9, 17-Avy Lease (Prz) 13-3.25

Triple jump: 1-Paige Ziegler (F) 35-0.5, 5-Kelsi Stuckmayer (Prz) 31-7.5, 7-Becker 30-10.25

High jump: 1-Chelsie Kurtz (Prz) 5-0, 13-Fuhrman (Prz) 4-8

Pole vault: 1-Melissa Hagedorn (BE) 9-6, 11-Bailey Lochner (Prz) 7-6

W-DC captures 6th

STILLWATER-A victory in the 4x200-meter relay and two second-place finishes propelled the Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines to sixth place in Saturday's Class 1A state True Team meet.

Konnor Stueve ran a second-place time of 11.56 in the 100 dash and Jonathan Pantages posted a 5-8 in the high jump for second.

Boys team scores: 1-Holdingford 462, 2-Pine Island 375, 3-St. Charles 371, 4-Ada/Norman County 364, 5-Luverne, 6-Wadena-Deer Creek 281, 7-Blue Earth 267, 8-Maple Lake 262, 9-Moose lake/Willow River 216

110 hurdles: 1-Luke Heitman (ANC) 15.68, 6-Wyatt Peterson (WD) 17.42, 11-Cade Kapphahn (WDC) 18.46

300 hurdles: 1-Seth Becker (BE) 42.94, 11-Elliot Doyle (WDC) 47.69, 16-Wyatt Peterson (WDC) 52.36

100 dash: 1-Blake Patrick (H) 11.43, 2-Konnor Stueve (WDC) 11.56, 9-Jonathan Pantages (WDC) 12.30

200 dash: 1-Ben Quigley (STC) 23.62, 5-Bereket Loer (WDC) 24.62, 6-Isaac Hale 24.78

400 dash: 1-Luke Heitman (ANC) 53.36, 4-Josh Daigneault (WDC) 53.72, 17-Hunter Hawkins 1:00.57

800 run: 1-Jack Williams (PI) 2:06.36, 15-Jerry Wang (WDC) 2:24.10, 16-Mason Evans (WDC) 2:25.42

1600 run: 1-Ethan Olson (MLWW) 4:41.34, 12-Jason Young (WDC) 5:08.80, 16-Josh Tabery (WDC) 5:25.44

3200 run: 1-Ethan Olson (MLWW) 10:23.39, 15-Jason Young (WDC) 11:27.52, 18-Isaac Ries (WDC) 12:20.74

4x100 relay: 1-St. Charles 47.35, 3-Wadena-Deer Creek 47.40

4x200 relay: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 1:35.41

4x400 relay: 1-Holdingford 3:39.93, 7-Wadena-Deer Creek 3:58.08

4x800 relay: 1-Pine Island 8:41.61, 6-Wadena-Deer Creek 9:16.66

Shot put: 1-Sam Coil (MLWW) 51-1, 10-Dacotah Mittag (WDC) 41-2, 13-Steven Erkenbrack (WDC) 40-2

Discus: 1-Sam Coil (MLWW) 134-1, 13-Steve Erkenbrack (WDC) 92-8, 14-Lucas Doyle (WDC) 87-11

Long jump: 1-Blake Patrick (H) 21-2.25, 6-Stueve (WDC) 17-7.75, 14-Loer (WDC) 16-6.5

Triple jump: 1-Nathan Marx (PI) 40-0, 13-Cade Kapphahn (WDC) 34-9.5, 15-Hunter Hawkins (WDC) 33-8.5

High jump: 1-Adam Ripplinger (H) 5-10, 2-Jonathan Pantages (WDC), 11-Lucas Doyle (WDC) 5-2

Pole vault: 1-Drew Dockendorf (H) 14-6, 12-Cody Wheeler (WDC) 10-0, 18-Garrett Redning (WDC) 7-0

Aitkin places 7th

ISLE-Nicole Courtemanche jumped 4-foot-11 to place second in the high jump leading the Aitkin girls to seventh in Friday's Great River Conference meet.

Mya Conway placed fourth in the discus and Aitkin's 4x200-meter relay was fourth.

Aitkin's 4x400 relay of Brandy Taylor, Hunter Moe, Darien Karsikio and Spencer Jacobs placed second as the Gobblers boys placed seventh.

The foursome of Moe, Jeremiah Smythe, Karsiko and Brady Taylor placed second in the 4x800.

Jacobs was third in the high jump.

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