Athletics: Pequot’s Chaney double dips in the fall

Carly Chaney of Pequot Lakes is a four-sport athlete for the Patriots, including both cross-country and tennis in the fall.

Pequot Lakes' Carly Chaney competes in a singles match during a meet against Crosby-Ironton Friday, Sept. 11, at Pequot Lakes High School. Kelly Humphrey / Brainerd Dispatch

Pequot Lakes junior Carly Chaney defeated her No. 2 singles opponent Emma Stokman of Crosby-Ironton 6-0, 6-0 in the Patriots 7-0 victory over the Rangers Friday, Sept. 11.

As she wrapped up her tennis match, Chaney zoomed from the tennis court to the Crosslake Community Center and finished third overall in 20:48.52 as the Patriots won their home cross-country meet.

“It was pretty chaotic,” Chaney said. “But I’m pretty happy it worked out. I tried to finish my tennis match really fast. My dad was ready for me right when I got done. I hopped in the car and changed in the car then got there five to 10 minutes before I ran. I felt really accomplished that day.”

Chaney is a four-sport athlete at Pequot Lakes, which is rare. She doubles up in the fall by competing for both the Pequot Lakes tennis and cross-country teams.

She double dips because she couldn’t decide which one she wanted to participate in more.


“I just couldn't decide and so I thought ‘what if I just tried to do both,’” Chaney said. “I guess it just worked out. Sometimes there are some conflicts, but I try my best to get to both practices and meets the best I can.”

Her fall schedule is hectic. On a normal day, she will practice with the tennis team and when that’s over immediately go into her cross-country workout.

“It’s a lot of fun to be on two teams,” Chaney said. “I do go to tennis before and then I run after. This year, with the whole new schedule with school, I can run before tennis and then go to tennis practice.”

Chaney really likes being a part of a team. It's the reason she has kept playing both sports in the fall for three years.

“I just really enjoy doing both and would have a hard time choosing,” Chaney said. “That’s why I keep doing both.”

The coaches of both teams do not question Chaney’s commitment to their respective sports.

“Her work ethic is outstanding,” Pequot Lakes tennis head coach Monica Sergent said. “She makes the most of every minute she is at practice. Utilizing her time and she is very self-motivated and is able to put in extra time in both sports. She doesn’t short change either sport.”

In cross-country, head coach Jeff Brever trusts Chaney to complete her workout even when she isn’t doing it with the team. He gets updates on how she is doing and loves having her on the team.


“It’s her spirit. It’s her will,” Brever said. “She puts her mind to something and she is going to accomplish it. She is a great student and athlete. She listens very well. She’s the complete package.”

Chaney’s competitiveness stands out said both coaches.

“She hates to lose,” Sergent said. “She is very determined to do everything in her control to try and win. She goes for every ball. She is hard to put away. She’s very quick.”

Both coaches also are impressed with Chaney’s endless energy.

“She is in top physical shape,” Sergent said. “She has such a positive outlook and happy nature. She never appears tired and is always in a great mood.”

Brever acknowledged Chaney is always positive and upbeat.

“That’s one of the characteristics you need to be able to do two sports in the fall,” Brever said.

Chaney enjoyed going to the state tournament in both sports last year. In tennis, Chaney played primarily No. 4 singles last year and posed a 32-0 record for the Patriots.


This season she jumped into No. 2 singles and owns an 8-0 record for the undefeated Patriots.

“It is kind of stressful,” Chaney said. “I keep telling myself, ‘Okay Carly you can do this. You can do this,’ but it's fun to be in that position. It’s definitely a big jump from No. 4 to No. 2, but I’ve stuck with it and it’s been a lot of fun. I’ve really improved a lot from last year.”

Sergent mentioned Chaney’s serves and groundstrokes have improved from last season. Her placement of the ball has improved as well.

“That what has made her jump in the lineup successful,” Sergent said.

Sergent’s favorite part about Chaney’s tennis game is that she comes mentally prepared and will often ask people who have played her opponent what to expect.

“She asks for tips so that she can be mentally prepared,” Sergent said. “And you don’t always see that in varsity players. She does her homework.”

In cross-country, Chaney is Pequot’s No. 2 runner behind her younger sister Calia.

“She definitely pushes me so much,” Chaney said of her sister. “I just don’t understand how her little legs can do that. I keep telling myself ‘keep Calia in your sights’ so that’s something that motivates me a lot.”


No matter the sport, Chaney is a team player.

“I love being a part of both teams,” she said. “I have so many friends on both teams. It’s a lot of fun and it means a lot to me.”

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