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UPDATE: Deerwood man dies in head-on crash with semitrailer

MEN'S BASKETBALL: 3 Teams remain unbeaten

Luke Schramm's 28 points and eight rebounds and Matt Ingman's 21 points and nine boards helped Justin, Clasen and Company defeat The Wolves 85-32 and remain unbeaten in the YMCA Men's League standings.

Brandon Burton led The Wolves with 14 points and Gabe Chips added 11 points and seven rebounds.

Lakewood Health System and Lakes Chiropractic are tied for second with matching 4-0 records.

Lakewood defeated Kurilla Real Estate 84-53. Jordan Riewer posted 25 points and 10 rebounds while Joe Webster added 24 points and five rebounds.

Kurilla was led by Walker Clanton's 19-4 and Tommy Nichol's 16-11.

Darsean Woodson's 23 points and Riley Kline's 22 points and six rebounds paved the way for Lakes Chiropractic to defeat Nisswa Marine 64-40.

Nisswa was led by Jack Wawro's 15 points and five rebounds. Jeremy Wilczek added nine and eight.

Moe's Contracting/Cornerstone Liquor defeated Shep's 82-53 with Jack Silgen's 24 points and 11 rebounds leading the way. Mark Hoge added 22 and eight.

Shep's was led by Cory Mass' 18 points and seven rebounds and Tate Heidmann's 17-6.

Travis Dixon went for 23 and eight to lead American Family Insurance to a 59-39 win over Wheeler Appraisals. Joel Clough added 11 and five for AFI.

Dylan Wheeler tallied 22 points and 12 boards in a losing effort. Adam Tautges added eight points and nine rebounds.

Jon Hoffmann tallied 23 points and six rebounds and George Washington added 18 and four to lead 9th Street Social Club to an 85-59 win over Holiday Inn Express.

Chris Karels finished with 15 and five and Skylar Goddard scored nine points in the loss.

Standings through 1-15

1-Justin, Clasen & Company 5 0

2t-Lakewood Health System 4 0

2t-Lakes Chiropractic 4 0

4-Moe's Contracting/Cornerstone Liquor 4 1

5-9th St. Social Club 3 1

6-Nisswa Marine 3 2

7t-Wheeler Appraisals 2 3

7t-Sheps 2 3

7t-American Family Insurance 2 3

10-Kurilla Real Estate 1 4

11t-The Wolves 0 4

11t-Graydon Outdoors 0 4

11t-Holiday Inn Express 0 5