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Basketball: Lakewood and Moes continue to lead league

Lakewood Health Systems and Moe's Contracting/Cornerstone Liquor remain atop the YMCA Men's League standings.

Lakewood defeated The Wolves 9-359 as Chad Brever posted 36 points and six rebounds and Travis Mattson added 17 and 10 points.

Hayden Brooks led The Wolves with 22 points and Nick Christenson added 10 points and 14 rebounds.

Jesse Peterson's 29 points paced Moe's to a 77-58 win over Lakes Chiropractic. Jack Silgen added 16 points and five rebounds.

Darsean Woodson's 27 points led Lakes with Riley Kline adding nine points and eight rebounds.

American Family Insurance snuck past Shep's 45-43. Chris Jansson scored 11 points and Joe Hoelscher added 10.

Cole Hunstad led Shep's with 12 points and six rebounds and Jordan Hunstad scored eight points.

Walker Clanton's 18 points led Kurilla Real Estate to a 62-52 victory over Nisswa Marine. Corbin Pikula tallied 14 points in the win.

Joel Martin led Nisswa with 18 points with Jack Wawro adding 13 points and nine rebounds.

Jacob Ali and Chris Karels each scored 21 points to lead Holiday Inn Express to a 77-54 win over Wheeler Appraisals. Ali added 15 rebounds.

Caleb Baker finished with 17 points and seven rebounds and Dylan Wheeler added 14 and eight.

George Washington's 23 points and six rebounds pushed 9th St. Social Club to an 83-57 win over Grayden Outdoors. Conner Bowman added 19 points and seven rebounds.

Grayden was led by Brett Fredrickson's 28 points and Ben Dreher scored eight.


1-Lakewood Health System 9-1

1-Moe's Contracting/CL 9-1

3-Justin, Clasen & Company 8-2

4-Lakes Chiropractic 7-3

5-9th St. Social Club 6-4

6-Holiday Inn Express 6-5

7-American Family Ins. 5-5

8-Nisswa Marine 5-5

9-Sheps 5-6

10-Wheeler Appraisals 3-7

11-Kurilla Real Estate 2-8

12-Grayden Outdoors 1-9

13-The Wolves 0-10