Jack Silgen scored 21 points and Mark Hoge added 17 points and nine rebounds to lift Moe's Contracting/Cornerstone Liquor to a 79-51 victory over Justin, Clasen and Company and the YMCA Men's League title.

Anthony Kelley Jr. finished with 18 points and five rebounds and Luke Schramm added 14 and seven in the loss.

JCC was busy eliminating teams on their way to the championship game. It eliminated Lakewood Health System 59-43 with Daakarr Bellfield scoring 15 points and Luke Schramm adding 16.

Craig Wolhowe finished with 15 points and five rebounds and Jason Johnson added eight points in the loss.

JCC eliminated 9th St. Social Club 78-56 with Schramm going for 17 and seven and Kelley Jr. adding 16 and five.

Jon Hoffmann scored 15 points and George Washington tallied 13 points and six boards in the loss.

Behind Kelley Jr.'s 31 points and nine rebounds, JCC also eliminated American Family Insurance 57-54. Schramm added 10 and nine.

Byron Ninham led AFI with 21 points and five rebounds and Jake Huser scored 12 points.

Lakes Chiropractic fell to 9th St. Social Club 71-53 earlier in the tournament. Alex Kuhn led the way with 17 points and Washington finished with 15 and six.

Matt Pecarich posted 16 and 10 and Riley Kline finished with 12 points in the loss.