Boys Swimming and Diving: Warriors pace 13-team invite at Fargo

FARGO--Preston Owen won two individual events and led off a winning relay to help the Brainerd Warriors to a first-place finish at Saturday's Fargo South 13-team Invitational.

Preston Owen
Preston Owen

FARGO-Preston Owen won two individual events and led off a winning relay to help the Brainerd Warriors to a first-place finish at Saturday's Fargo South 13-team Invitational.

Owen posted the fastest times in the 100-yard freestyle and 100 backstroke. He teamed up with Michael Bylander, Gunnar Niemeyer and Griffin Blegen to win the 200 free relay and the same foursome placed second in the 200 medley relay.

Bylander was second in the 100 breaststroke and fourth in the 200 individual medley while Niemeyer was the second swimmer to touch in the 100 butterfly.

Connor Lund finished third in the 200 freestyle and fifth in the 500 freestyle while Tim Whiteman posted the fifth-highest score in diving.

Team scores: 1-Brainerd 406.5, 2-Century 383.5, 3-Minot 341, 4-West Fargo Sheyenne 266, 5-Fargo North 206, 6-Mandan 196, 7-Fargo South 192, 8-Bemidji 113, 9-West Fargo 82, 10-Fargo Davies 77, 11-Bismarck 62, 12-Legacy 14, 13-Dickinson 10


200 medley relay: 1-Century 1:42.37, 2-Brainerd (Preston Owen, Michael Bylander, Gunnar Niemeyer, Griffin Blegen) 1:42.49; 8-Brainerd (Tristan Dawson, Cody Evans, Andy Dillon, Riley Backstrom) 1:48.95

200 freestyle: 1-Chris Birnbaum (Cent) 1:50.08, 3-Connor Lund (Brd) 157.13, 10-Eric Rude (Brd) 2:01.34, 12-Pierce Solseth (Brd) 2:02.37, 16-Charlie Rude 2:03.29

200 individual medley: 1-Matheus Pimenta (Mandan) 2:04.69, 4-Bylander 2:07.75, 14-Dillon 2:18.18, 16-Dawson 2:21.31, 21-Evans 2:26.31

50 freestyle: 1-Adam Nodland (Cent) 22.31, 6-Niemeyer 23.05, 11-Blegen 23.61, 16-Backstrom 24,37, 30-Oliver Knudson (Brd) 25.51

Diving: 1-Cameron Munter (Bem) 407.45, 5-Tim Whiteman (Brd) 334.35, 7-Izaac Herrlich (Brd) 306.25, 12-Cruz Lemmerhirt 227.85, 15-Blake Cummings (Brd) 248.95

100 butterfly: 1-Nodland (Cent) 55.14, 2-Niemeyer 55.40, 16-Solseth 1:03.56, 19-Cade Rosenwald (Brd) 1:04.56, 23-Dylan Paulson (Brd) 1:06.67

100 freestyle: 1-Owen (Brd) 50.22, 6-Blegen 52.11, 11-Backstrom 54.52, 21-Knudson 56.48

500 freestyle: 1-Birnbaum (Cent) 4:58.49, 5-Lund 5:24.86, 8-E. Rude 5:26.13, 14-C. Rude 5:37.24, 20-Rosenwald 5:58.56


200 freestyle relay: 1-Brainerd (Owen, Bylander, Niemeyer, Blegen) 1:31.42; 11-Brainerd (Backstrom, Ethan Hebert, Solseth, Lund) 1:39.31

100 backstroke: 1-Owen (Brd) 56.21, 7-Dawson 1:00.71, 12-Dillon 1:02.92, 15-Paulson 1:04.33

100 breaststroke: 1-Jayden Porter (Cent) 1:02.32, 2-Bylander 1:05.18, 11-Evans 1:08.66, 17-Jacob VanRisseghem (Brd) 1:12.84, 27-Parker Tatge (Brd) 1:15.97

400 freestyle relay: 1-Century 3:25.25; 7-Brainerd (Lund, Dillon, Dawson, Solseth) 3:39.88; 12-Brainerd (E. Rude, C. Rude, Rosenwald, Knudson) 3:47.42

Next: Brainerd at St. Cloud Tech 6 p.m. Thursday.

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