Cross-Country: Collins, Brainerd girls pace C-I Ranger Invite

DEERWOOD--Brainerd's Bridget Collins registered an individual win with a 20:52.8 run and the Warrior girls placed first in the Crosby-Ironton Ranger Invite at Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge Thursday, Oct. 4.

DEERWOOD-Brainerd's Bridget Collins registered an individual win with a 20:52.8 run and the Warrior girls placed first in the Crosby-Ironton Ranger Invite at Ruttger's Bay Lake Lodge Thursday, Oct. 4.

Collins was followed by teammate Carson Blegen who placed second with a 21.11.1 run. Also placing in the top 10 for the Warrior girls was Grace Erholtz in fifth.

The Warrior boys finished second with Nick Porisch 10th, Maxim Osborne 11th, Evan Storbakken 12th and Thomas Ruhl 13th for Brainerd.

Crosby-Ironton's Tucker Ringhand placed fourth with a 17:25.4 time, followed by Seth LeMieur in seventh and Caleb Bugnacki in ninth. The Ranger boys finished third.

Sarah Bostrom of Crosby-Ironton placed seventh in the girls event followed by fellow Ranger Lily Peterson in eighth to help the girls to third place.


The Pine River-Backus Tiger girls' top run came from Mara Adams in 20th place, while Markus Lukanen finished 39th for the Tiger boys. The PRB boys placed seventh while the girls were incomplete.

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin 28, 2-Brainerd 61, 3-Crosby-Ironton 64, 4-Deer River-Northland 101, 5-South Ridge 144, 6-Braham 154, 7-Pine River-Backus 155

Individual winner: 1-Geno Uhrbom (Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin) 16:34.4

Brainerd results: 10-Nick Porisch 18:02.7, 11-Maxim Osborne 18:05.3, 12-Evan Storbakken 18:06.7, 13-Thomas Ruhl 18:06.8, 15-Hunter Turcotte 18:23.8, 17-Cruz Lemmerhirt 18:33.1, 18-Garrett Goeden 18:38.3, 19-Ben Renner 18:39.3, 20-Logan Severson 18:44.3, 21-Izaac Herrlich 18:48.8, 22-Michael Kuehn 18:49.1, 24-Aj Thompson 18:56.5, 29-Alex Host 19:32.8, 30-Gabe Maurer 19:42.8, 31-Zach Schaeffer 19:43.6, 37-Braden Capelle 20:08.3, 40-Atticus Osborne 20:27.7, 46-Bennet Capelle 21:18.6, 48-Jacob Aanes 21:28.6, 50-Noah Schaeffer 21:54.8, 51-David Dewey 21:54.9, 52-Cj Beasley 21:56.8, 70-Cade Young 27:51.1, 71-Reed Boeckermann 28:18.6

Crosby-Ironton results: 4-Tucker Ringhand 17:25.4, 7-Seth LeMieur 17:54.0, 9-Caleb Bugnacki 17:58.8, 25-Carsen Turk 19:00.6, 34-Evan Miller 19:50.0

Pine River-Backus results: 39-Marcus Lukanen 20:27.2, 43-Louis Bueckers 20:57.6, 45-Tyler Peterson 21:15.7, 47-Kade Schneider 21:28.1, 54-Caleb Travis 22:23.7, 55-Austin Beavers 22:32.6, 61-Tyler G 22:38.3, 63-Keenan Dahl 23:43.1, 64-Andrew Hoplin 23:53.0

Girls results


Team scores: 1-Brainerd 31, 2-Greenway-Nashwauk-Keewatin 42, 3-Crosby-Ironton 73, 4-Mille Lacs 96, 5-Deer River-Northland 127, INC-South Ridge, INC-Braham, INC-Pine River

Individual winner: 1-Bridget Collins (Brainerd) 20:52.8

Brainerd results: 1-Bridget Collins 20:52.8, 2-Carson Blegen 21:11.1, 5-Grace Erholtz 21:20.6, 11-Abby Dahl 21:49.8, 12-Payton Lillo 21:55.7, 13-Ellie Selisker 22:20.4, 15-Emma Storbakken 22:36.7, 21-Abby Johnson 23:25.3, 22-Merriam Schmitz 23:30.3, 22-Haley Pickar 23:40.9, 29-Ally Giza 24:37.7, 42-Jordyn Marsh 28:43.5

Crosby-Ironton results: 7-Sarah Bostrom 21:31.2, 8-Lily Peterson 21:33.5, 17-Karli Nixon 23:11.0, 24-Ella Dwyer 23:51.7, 25-Anna Bostrom 24:02.5

Pine River-Backus results: 20-Mara Adams 23:23.3, 31-Anna Schser 24:50.1, 33-Lauren Penkhus 25:28.2

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