BAGLEY -- Pequot Lakes’ Calia Chaney clocked the fastest time and led two other teammates in the top five as the Patriot girls won the Bagley Invitational Tuesday, Sept. 17.

Calia Chaney crossed the line in 20:09.3 for her third win of the season. Rian Zutter was third and Carly Chaney placed fourth.

Wadena-Deer Creek’s Kira Sweeney finished second, 10 seconds behind Calia Chaney, and the Wolverine girls placed sixth as a team.

The Pequot boys placed second, four points behind Frazee. Leading the Patriots were Ethan Johnson in seventh and Jesse Clausen in 11th.

The W-DC boys were fourth with Lucas Hinojos leading the way in sixth and Nathaniel Bervig in ninth.

Jacob Schnoor was 53rd for the 17th-place Pine River-Backus boys and Sidney Lodge was 53rd for the Tiger girls.

The Pillager girls placed 10th led by Sienna Swanberg in 31st.

Boys results

Team scores: (25 teams) 1-Frazee 77, 2-Pequot Lakes 81, 3-East Grand Forks 93, 4-Wadena-Deer Creek 108, 5-Roseau 131, 6-Bagley/Fosston 187, 7-International Falls 215, 8-Thief River Falls218, 9-Park Rapids 251, 10-Dilworth-Glyndon-Felton 266, 17-Pine River-Backus 439

Individual winner: Tyson Mahar (EGF) 17:08.9

Pequot Lakes results: 7-Ethan Johnson 18:10.8, 11-Jesse Clausen 18:25.8, 15-Eli Laposky 18:42.3, 22-Dawsin Ackerman 19:05.3, 26-Collin Yahn 19:12.7, 36-Russell Pierzinski 19:47.4

Pine River-Backus results: 53-Jacob Schnoor 20:24.9, 74-Jordan Tisdell 21:51.2, 99-Louis Bueckers 23:31.0, 106-Nathan Nations 24:02.2, 107-Tyler Gravelle 24:09.3, 114-Marcus Lukanen 24:45.6

Wadena Deer-Creek results: 6-Lucas Hinojos 18:06.1, 9-Nathaniel Bervig 18:16.7, 23-Bereket Loer 19:08.0, 28-Josua Tabery 19:12.9, 42-Lane Hoefs 20:06.5, 56-Bjorn Brunsberg 20:35.8, 60-Eli Bervig 20:51.3

Girls results

Team scores: (22 teams) 1-Pequot Lakes 55, 2-East Grand Forks 84, 3-Pelican Rapids 101, 4-International Falls 114, 5-United North Central 117, 6-Wadena-Deer Creek 117, 7-Lake Park-Audubon 139, 8-Ada-Borup/Norman County 229, 9-Roseau 229, 10-Pillager 231, inc-Pine River-Backus

Individual winner: Calia Chaney (PL) 20:09.3

Pequot Lakes results: 1-Calia Chaney 20:09.3, 3-Rian Zutter 20:55.2, 4-Carly Chaney 21:26.9, 20-Elisa Flaws 23:40.7, 27-Emma Flaws 24:15.1

Pillager results: 31-Sienna Swanberg 24:30.2, 35-Juliana Ewald 25:15.7, 52-Emma Reader 26:38.4, 56-Greta Hall 26:38.4, 57-Jessa Kimman 27:51.2, 71-Ariana Lunow 42:19.5

Pine River-Backus results: 53-Sidney Lodge 25:30.5

Wadena Deer-Creek results: 2-Kira Sweeney 20:19.1, 18-Ally Pavek 23:31.2, 22-Johanna Brunsberg 24:01.5, 33-Emma Ries 24:45.3, 42-Emma Mehl 25:47.1, 46-Macey Goeden 26:23.7, 50-Hailey Peterson 26:31.3

Next: Pequot Lakes at Milaca Invitational 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 21; Wadena Deer-Creek at Milaca Invitational 10 a.m. Saturday, Sept. 21; Pine River-Backus at Madden’s 4 p.m. Thursday, Sept. 19.