EAST GULL LAKE -- Pillager’s Grayson Beard was the boys individual winner with a 19:59.74 run as the Huskies were third as a team in the Pillager Invite Thursday, Sept. 19, at Madden’s Resort.

Nate Blake followed in fourth with a 22:08 run for the Huskies.

The Pillager girls were first with a perfect score of 15 led by Sienna Swanberg third-place time of 26:05 run.

Jacob Schnoor finished third to pace the Pine River-Backus Tigers to second.

PR-B’s Sidney Lodge posted a second-place time of 25:50.

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Bertha-Hewitt 38, 2-Pine River-Backus 39, 3-Pillager 58, 4-New York Mills 75

Individual winner: 1-Grayson Beard (Pillager) 19:59.74

Pillager results: 1-Grayson Beard 19:59.74, 4-Nate Blake 22:08.45, 16-Ezra Notch 24:53.56, 23-Gabe Grimsley 29:07.76

Pine River-Backus results: 3-Jacob Schnoor 21:02.55, 6-Andrew Bueckers 22:55.22, 7-Nathan Nations 22:56.37, 11-Jordan Tisdell 23:16.49, 12-Marcus Lukanen 23:38.94, 19-Tyler Gravelle 25:26.16

Girls results

Team scores: 1-Pillager 15

Individual winner: 1-Jada Goeson (New York Mills) 23:55.83

Pillager results: 3-Sienna Swanberg 26:05.49, 4-Elsie Turner 27:18.14, 5-Juliana Ewald 28:04.50, 6-Lillian March 28:41.68, 7-Emma Reeder 28:59.05, 9-Greta Hall 30:12.34, 10-Jenna Woidyla 30:50.18

Pine River-Backus results: 2-Sidney Lodge 25:50.89

Next: Pillager at Deer River Invite at Blueberry Hills 4 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 24.