DEER RIVER -- Bereket Loer and Kira Sweeney were individual winners and the Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines won both the boys and girls races at the Deer River Invite Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The win was a three-peat for the Wolverine boys and a second straight win at the invite for the WDC girls.

Loer crossed the line in 17:30 and was joined in the top 10 by teammates Lucas Hinojos (5th), Nathaniel Bervig (8th) and Joshua Tabery (10th).

Sweeney clocked a 19:38. She was followed by Ally Pavek (4th), Amber Collins (5th), Johanna Brunsberg (8th) and Emma Ries (10th).

Grayson Beard finished ninth for the Pillager boys who placed fifth and the third-place Huskies girls were led by Sienna Swanberg who came in 15th.

Jacob Schnoor was the top-finisher for the fourth-place Pine River-Backus boys.

Boys results

Team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 37, 2-Cromwell 46, 3-International Falls 81, 4-Pine River-Backus 149, 5-Pillager 170

Individual winner: Bereket Loer (WDC) 17:30

Pine River-Backus results:

Pillager results: 9-Grayson Beard 18:41, 21-Nate Blake 19:57, Carter Mielke 22:42, Ian Dickinson 23:21, TJ Swanberg 24:02, Gunnar Casuse 25:22, Gabe Grimsley 27:36, Brenden Brichacek 27:44

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 5-Lucas Hinojos 17:49, 8-Nathaniel Bervig 18:21, 10-Joshua Tabery 18:47, 13-Lane Hoefs 19:07, 18-Bjorn Brunsberg 19:41, 19-Ephraim Bervig 19:45

Girls results

Team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 28, 2-International Falls 46, 3-Pillager 91, 4-Cromwell 92

Individual winner: Kira Sweeney (WDC) 19:38

Pine River-Backus results:

Pillager results: 15-Sienna Swanberg 23:46, 16-Ava Swanberg 23:55, 19-Elsie Turner 24:32, 20-Lillian March 24:33, 21-Greta Hall 24:49, Julianna Ewald 24:56, Emma Reeder 25:42, Lindy Cordes 26:10

Wadena-Deer Creek results: 4-Ally Pavek 21:52, 5-Amber Collins 21:58, 8-Johanna Brunsberg 22:50, 10-Emma Ries 23:12, 17-Macey Goeden 24:01, 22-Eve Collins 24:51

Next: Wadena-Deer Creek at Perham 3:45 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 3; Pillager and Pine River-Backus at New York Mills 4 p.m. Tuesday, Oct. 1.