MENAHGA -- Bereket Loer and Kira Sweeney ran to first-place finishes for the Wadena-Deer Creek Wolverines who won both the boys and girls races in the Park Region Conference Championship Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Joining Bereket in the top 10 were Nathaniel Bervig (third) and Lucas Hinojos (fifth).

The W-DC girls edged United North Central by a point for the championship. Ava Pavek and Amber Collins finished fifth and sixth respectively.

Grayson Beard was eighth for the seventh-place Pillager boys and the sixth-place Pine River-Backus boys were led by Jacob Schnoor in 12th.

Allie Watson placed 17th for the fourth-place Pillager girls and Sidney Lodge was 25th for an incomplete Pine River-Backus team.

The top 10 runners earned all-conference and places 11-15 earned honorable mention.

W-DC coach Mike Brunsberg was named Park Region Conference Coach of the Year for both the boys and girls..

Boys results
Team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 33, 2-Ottertail Central 63, 3-Parkers Prairie 86, 4-Brandon Evansville 106, 5-United North Central 144, 6-Pine River-Backus 154, 7-Pillager 167, 8-Bertha-Hewitt 167, 9-New York Mills 259
Individual winner: Bereket Loer (WDC) 17:00.74
Pillager results: 8-Grayson Beard 19:03.16, 25-Nate Blake 19:38.72, 44-Carter Mielke 21:03.62, 58-Ezra Notch 22:17.89, 62-TJ Swanberg 22:27.23, 64-Ian Dickinson 22:47.09, 67-Gunnar Casuse 23:29.03, 75-Brenden Brichacek 24:49.56
Pine River-Backus results: 12-Jacob Schnoor 18:24.98, 35-Jordan Tisdell 20:20.62, 40-Marcus Lukanen 20:41.98, 41-Andrew Bueckers 20:56.09, 51-Nathan Nations 21:21.36, 52-Louis Bueckers 21:21.68, 61-Tyler Gravelle 22:22.61, 63-Kade Schneider 22:38.39
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 1-Bereket Loer 17:00.74, 3-Nathaniel Bervig 17:42.93, 5-Lucas Hinojos, 18:02.19, 11-Phillip Ross 18:16.64, 13-Eli Bervig 18:35.68, 15-Lane Hoefs 18:54.89, 17-Jayson Young 18:58.31, 18-Codey Wolff 18:58.91

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Wadena-Deer Creek 35, 2-United North Central 36, 3-Ottertail Central 75, 4-Pillager 90, inc-Pine River-Backus
Individual winner: Kira Sweeney (WDC) 18:54.05
Pillager results: 17-Allie Watson 22:24.63, 19-Sienna Swanberg 23:13.08, 21-Lillian March 23:23.06, 22-Elsie Turner 23:23.62, 26-Greta Hall 24:05.46, 27-Ava Swanberg 24:05.74, 31-Madelyn Wright 24:51.44, 33-Courtney Cordes 25:15.70
Pine River-Backus results: 25-Sidney Lodge 24:03.96
Wadena-Deer Creek results: 1-Kira Sweeney 18:54.05, 5-Ally Pavek 21:16.01, 6-Amber Collins 21:26.12, 11-Johanna Brunsberg 21:53,46, 18-Macey Goeden 23:04.33, 23-Emma Mehl 23:43.63, 28-Hailey Peterson 24:09.36, 35-Emma Bushinger 25:26.69
Next: Pillager in Section 6-1A meet at Pierz Golf Course 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24; Pine River-Backus in Section 7-1A meet at Cloquet Country Club 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 24; Wadena-Deer Creek in Section 8-1A meet at Bagley Friday, Oct. 25.

Little Falls girls 2nd

ALBANY -- Courtney Loeffler and Wyatt Baum ran to fifth-place finishes for the Little Falls Flyers in the Granite Ridge Conference Championship Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Adrienne Kresha placed 10th followed by Abby Borash in 16th for the second-place Flyer girls.

Jackson Grant came in seventh as the Flyers boys placed fifth.

Cole Andres was the top finisher for the sixth-place Pierz Pioneers boys with his ninth-place time of 17:57.1 Carissa Andres finished 13th for fifth place Pioneer girls.

Boys results
Team scores: 1-Cathedral 40, 2-Mora 58, 3-Albany 83, 4-Little Falls 110, 5-Foley 117, 6-Pierz 152, 7-Zimmerman 153, 8-Milaca 201
Individual winner: 1-Cooper Lennox (Mora) 16:48.0
Little Falls results: 5-Wyatt Baum 17:25.1, 7-Jackson Grant 17:35.6, 27-Benjamin Knopik 18:53.2, 35-Isaac Larsen 19:26.7, 36-Erik Anez 19:28.8, 41-Mason Petrowitz 19:51.6, 45-Alexander Oberton 20:08.2
Pierz results: 9-Cole Andres 17:57.1, 17-Ethan Kowalczyk 18:08.0, 31-Jaden Hennen 18:59.6, 47-Gunther Dodge 20:19.7, 48-Hayden Dodge 20:21.6, 52-Simon Kroll 21:33.4, 53-Landon Schomer 21:38.3

Girls results
Team scores: 1-Albany 29, 2-Little Falls 77, 3-Zimmerman 89, 4-Mora 94, 5-Pierz 128, 6-Cathedral 129, 7-Foley 134, INC-Milaca
Individual winner: 1-Kristine Kalthoff (Albany) 19:49.3
Little Falls results: 5-Courtney Loeffler 20:30.0, 10-Adrienne Kresha 21:29.4, 16-Abby Borash 22:00.8, 20-Dayna Becker 22:23.9, 26-Bethany Becker 23:00.0, 35-Claire Zack 23:48.7
Pierz results: 13-Carissa Andres 21:42.1, 21-Brenna Andres 22:40.2, 25-Kara Bakke 22:56.0, 27-Rachel Kasper 23:01.5, 42-Ellie Lochner 24:37.0, 43-Alyssa Gail 24:39.4, 44-Eden Andres 24:42.6
Next: Little Falls in Section 8-2A meet at River Oaks Golf Course, Cold Spring, 3:30 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24; Pierz hosts Section 6-1A meet at Pierz Golf Course 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.

S-M girls win, boys 2nd

PROCTOR -- Staples-Motley’s Emmet Anderson and Calia Chaney from Pequot Lakes were the top finishers in the Proctor Lions Invitational Tuesday, Oct. 15.

Anderson clocked a 16:00.1 with teammate Hunter Klimek on his heels in second to lead the Cardinal boys to second place behind Cloquet.

Staples-Motley won the girls event and were led by Kyanna Burton’s second-place finish.

The Patriot girls placed second behind S-M and the Patriot boys finished fifth. Ethan Jonson finished 10th for Pequot.

Tucker Ringhand’s eighth-place time of 17:11.9 led Crosby-Ironton to 13th and the C-I girls were 15th led by Annaliese Vignieri in 36th.

Boys results
Team scores (19 teams): 1-Cloquet 75, 2-Staples-Motley 80, 3-Ely 130, 4-Cromwell 151, 5-Pequot Lakes 183, 6-Proctor 207, 7-Duluth East 208, 8-Moose Lake-Willow River 232, 9-Duluth Denfeld 232, 10-Mountain Iron-Buhl 273, 13-Crosby-Ironton 366
Individual winner: Emmet Anderson (SM) 16:00.1
Crosby-Ironton results: 8-Tucker Ringhand 17:11.9, 41-Adam Cady 18:23.1, 102 Joseph Ringhand 19:47.3, 111-David Ringhand 20:09.9, 219-Jon Paul Fitzpatrick 22:17.5
Pequot Lakes results: 10-Ethan Johnson 17:24.7, 27-Jesse Clausen 17:58.1, 32-Eli Laposky 18:04.7, 46-Eli Hall 18:28.1, 74-Charlie Schiessl 19:10.4, 79-Russell Pierzinski 19:24.0, 98-Brooks Anderson 19:41.9, 187-Aiden Birch 21:37.4
Staples-Motley results: 1-Emmet Anderson 16:00.1, 2-Hunter Klimek 16:20.2, 20-Tanner Robben 17:48.0, 28-Isaac Christoffersen 17:59.9, 29-Lucas Brownell 18:02.2, 33-Issiah Tabatt 18:09.8, 44-Jack Tyrrell 18:26.5, 56-Logan Robben 18:40.7

Girls results
Team scores (17 teams): 1-Staples-Motley 55, 2-Pequot Lakes 81. 3-Cloquet 134, 4-Proctor 150, 5-Duluth East 161, 6-WEly 193, 7-Moose Lake-Willow River 224, 8-Duluth Marshall 235, 9-Mountain Iron-Buhl 241, 10-Hermantown 250, 15-Crosby-Ironton 366
Individual winner: Calia Chaney (PL) 19:13.7,
Crosby-Ironton results: 36-Annaliese Vignieri 22:00.0, 80-Ellie Mitchell 23:19.0, 81-Gabby Rosecrans 23:23.2, 99-Ruby westin 23:14.4, 113-Lillianna Young 24:38.1
Pequot Lakes results: 1-Calia Chaney 19:13.7, 4-Rian Zutter 19:52.9, 6-Carly Chaney 19:58.5, 25-Elisa Flaws 21:35.2, 45-Lilix Gustafson 22:17.4, 46-Emma Flaws 22:22.4,91, Emma Bitzer 23:50.5
Staples-Motley results: 2-Kyanna Burton 19:29.0, 5-Aften Robinson 19:56.3, 9-Ashley Robben 20:11.9, 18-Addisyn Cichos 21:10.6, 21-Addison Lorber 21:20.0, 42-Elizabeth Danilyuk 22:14.2, 43-Naila Mikhaeil 22:15.5, 88-Mackenzie Wilds 23:45.0
Next: Crosby-Ironton, Pequot Lakes in Section 7-1A meet at Clouet Country Club 11 a.m. Thursday, Oct. 24; Staples-Motley in Section 6-1A meet at Pierz Golf Course 4 p.m. Thursday, Oct. 24.